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Eyeball Puppets 5 [CLOSED]


It's time for another batch of cuties! I made these ones winter themed and also threw in a custom cause I haven't done too many of those yet. Have fun bidding! ♥

Note: For the custom, rarities will depend on how much the end bid is.

Eyeball Puppet info:
Eyeball Puppet [INFO] by DrawKill

Auction will end January the 11th 10pm pst.

Please reply to the last bidder when bidding.

Minimum bid increment $1

Hellhoot [RARE]
Adopted by: MarjoleinB

Flannel  [2x RARE]
Adopted by: Plush-Lore

Adopted by: Jemjamm

Adopted by: drasticslostsoul

Please Read
:bulletred: I will only be accepting PayPal, no points please.
:bulletred: Please do not bid if you are unsure if you actually want the adopt or are unable to pay within 24 hours of the auctions end.
:bulletred: If a bidding war begins last minute and past the deadline, then the auction for that adopt will continue until one withdraws.
:bulletred: All adopts are to be paid in USD currency.
:megaphone: After purchase I will give you the adopt with no watermark on transparent background. You are allowed to resell the adoptable to someone else if you no longer want it but not over the amount you bought it for as I do not allow profit gain off my work. Other then that you can do whatever you want with it just don't claim that you made the original art or design.
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KRAplak-LEvitan's avatar

*sigh* how is that possible to be so adorable:twitterpated:

EntwineTSD's avatar
frostbite looks so cute ^_^
Xykun's avatar
Ahhh they look so cool
charlesammich's avatar
Flannel is so cute~
jacobdafan3's avatar
yay more eyeball puppets
Nerosus's avatar
These could be great as characters in Don't Starve :P
TheLOLMaster108's avatar
Still crying cause I don't have money
sinpure's avatar
oh my godddd i love your art style so much like??
this is so amazing hhh <3
Pumpkin-Queeny's avatar
Just a question, the auction ends on january 11 on 10pm.
But becouse i probably don't live in the same country it is hard to know when to enter my last bid.
So am i allowed to know your timezone?
(mine is UCT +1 becouse i live in the Netherlands)
DrawKill's avatar
I have the timezone on there, it's PST :>
Pumpkin-Queeny's avatar
So that means that you are 9 hours behind Amsterdam.
If I am right it is around 18:00 right?
Sorry if I sound creepy in anyway, but I really want Hellhoot ^^
DrawKill's avatar
It's no probs, I understand that others are in different timezones. You can probably bring up a PST clock off google to keep track.
Pumpkin-Queeny's avatar
I've looked it up again, and it appears that I had looked at the wrong thing.
If it is for you 10pm, it will be 7am for me. I need to go to school at that time, so I'll start around for me 6am, and for you 9pm.

I will say that I will try my best to get Hellhoot, and that I hope to get him. I have many ideas to use him for, mainly for art and animation.
Pumpkin-Queeny's avatar
I have ^^
The deadline iny country is around 1 pm so I still have some time to kill
JacobChristensen's avatar
hellhoot is the most cool.
TheLOLMaster108's avatar
*sobs* I don't have money or point but I want one so bad!NOOOO sobbing - crying omg cry 
PrincessPistachio's avatar
i dont know which one i love more ;u;
DrawKill's avatar
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