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Eyeball Puppet [INFO]

Finally, months later. Hah.
But here we are! All the Eyeball Puppet info for my species. I'll be makin' some more of these for adoption soon.

Eyeball puppets are my own personal closed species, please do not copy/create your own unless I've given you permission. Thank!

Eyeball Puppets by DrawKill Eyeball Puppet Adopts! [CLOSED] by DrawKill
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Scargon's avatar

wold love to know if i can draw one

SakuraSlowly's avatar

Gah i love them i wish i was here when sold them!

sparkleparkour962's avatar

Ok i love them and i so badly want one

pinkrose1422's avatar

May I make one? I love the thought of them and find them so cute

Shina-X's avatar
Hello!! I would like to know and ask if I could make art of these lil' guys for you. They are cute and creepy, love them so much! They are smol beans and I would like to draw them if I am given the permission to do so.

-Have a nice day!
HelpICantChooseAName's avatar
if I drew an eyeball puppet version of my own oc and it appeared only once in a drawing for you would it be considered stealing?
DimanaDemona's avatar
hello!I know you probably get asked this a lot,but could i maybe make one?
KizzieBoomFuse's avatar
Hello, I'm so sorry if this gets asked a lot or if it is a bother but I was wondering with your permission may I create one of these? 
I drew many new puppets, lol. 
I saw the pic on Google first and I decided to draw my own chars. 
Its funny to give them eyes as I want, haha. 
Goldlexbear's avatar
Hmm what will out take to make one?
BuoyBunny's avatar
Do i have permission to create one? Does it cost points
Shamanique's avatar
Man, I want to have a custom adopt of these babies *-*
Sadly, I only have points and you only accept Paypal ><

I'll be waiting in a shady corner of the room for those little guys to be open/ a point adoptable Totally Not Suspicious-Emote 
girlofhearts101's avatar
I am late. So late. I am very sorry. But I have to say these little guys are so cute! ^w^ I wish I could draw them. But I read in the description that you have to ask permission first. I admit I was painfully shy to comment. Again, I am very sorry and your art is amazing. May you keep on drawing. <3
EmmaLovesCreepypasta's avatar
How many points does it cost to make one??? They look really cwool~
Miindyou's avatar
Sorry if you've already answered this, but will this species ever be open, or are you going to keep it closed an just stick to adopts?
DrawKill's avatar
I'm not sure, at this point they're going to stay closed tho.
xXMewstepXx's avatar
I would happly get one from your auction, but sadly, I'm poor and don't have paypal :<
cosmoslace's avatar
Is this species open? I would love to make my own
DrawKill's avatar
No, it is closed. ;>
cosmoslace's avatar
Edgarii's avatar
Awww, I want one as a pet. :3
MontyCotton's avatar
if you're still making these, I think I'll save up for one!
up2knowgood's avatar
I want one,  but the adopts always go for so much money. 
MurderInkLastResort's avatar
So...I was wondering if maybe I could get one for a trade? And I could make you a character of one of my species (I have 3 different species; Shadow Birds, Patch Plushies, and Feliserppies)
I don't have any money but I absolutely love these little guys...and what I do have is thoroughly average art skills...
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