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I started this two months ago but never finished it cause school. SO, got myself to finish it finally. This is my Character Estella, I've had her for awhile but haven't really drawn much of her. She a French Rococo Banshee. Eyebrow Wiggle 
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still Thinking about this piece as I’m trying to go to sleep. Thanks for the nightmares.

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Both very pretty and absolutely horrifying.

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Estella loo ks amazing, and naturally eerie:happybounce:Love Rose Bullet - F2U! 
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I really like your interpretation of this. I'm a fan of folklore, and I have to say, this is extremely interesting. Also:  really love the lacy 17th-18th century dress.  Really awesome overall!
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lovely creature :3
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Before and after the wifi goes down
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This is exactly what I see when I think of a Banshee. Thank you for making the beautiful art of my culture :3
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so creepy I love it!!
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She makes me feel sad, it could be the longing in her eyes or it could be the fact that she's a banshee, and according to Irish lore, banshees are fairy women who sung at funerals for rich families. Beautiful work
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this is creepy as fuck tHOUGH GOOD JOB
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DAME! I try to come up with something to say about this, but there is no words that explains my fellings xD
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reminds me of the pthumerian queen in Bloodborne o-o!
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she has such delicate  little preety  hands  i  love  that  shes  beautiful and  spooky * u * !!
"Rococo Banshee" im bout that  lyfeeeeeee
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Awesome qwq she reminds me a ghost u.u btw she looks amazing x3 ♥
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I really like this one. Banshee's are really interesting to me.
They are kinda like sirens, so beautiful, and yet so frightening!
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BeautifulClap  the Dress is just amazing!!!
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Uahhhh!! Awesome!
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