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Michael Jackson - Smile

Michael Jackson end of 70's. Done with Graphic pencils.

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Thank you for the many reactions & favourites

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The music will go on, the inspiration will go on.

Thank you and R.I.P. Michael Jackson
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Очень красиво

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Aww 💖💖💖 I am living for this
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Wow!! This is one of the best drawings of Michael I've seen on this site! Incredible! 😍😆
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I love MJ and your art is captivating, I always share my sources with photo too. Thank you
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I can't believe ignorant savages STILL believe he's a pedophile, he was proved innocent TWICE in those court cases! The accusers just wanted money. That caused him to a lot of stress, making him go to rehab, because inhumane creatures were so cruel and had a horrible creed for money. I know that I heard that years later, the son of the accuser admits that he was forced to lie from his pitiful father. Also, he had VITILIGO, a skin disorder, he did NOT bleach his skin. It's proven in his autopsy that he had the disorder and that it was from his Dad's side. He embrace his heritage and culture.
He has endured such a treacherous and dark life, I feel horrible for celebrities who have to go through the false evil media. We will always love you Michael!
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Man, ain't that the truth!
It's still very saddening that to this day, people just don't know when to leave him alone. : (

I wish all that media stuff never happened in the 1990's, so that it wouldn't be going on today still.

Man, people will lie and do anything to put down a famous person for their money.
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Yeah exactly! It is so freaking heart-breaking! People have so much hate and greed that they share it to ruin other's, very cruel. 
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Yeah, very cruel : (
R.I.P Michael 
We will miss ya
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So uplifing. Thank you for this, it makes me so happy to see him so happy.

I'm starting a blog that will be up soon, based on Michael's social justice work and determination to change the world. It's called "We Can Change the World: Inspired by Michael Jackson" and it will be up and running in the next couple weeks.

I'm wondering if I could feature this photo in one of my blogs? I'd love to do that and can give you credit and a link back to this site.

Thanks for letting me know!
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Sorry, haven't been checking on deviantart for some time. 
I don't know if I'm too late, but you can use my drawing. Thats fine.
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I'm getting ready to post your drawing, and I can't find your name. Do you want me to use drawingyourattention, or would you like me to use your name? And is linking to your deviant art site ok, or would you like a link to a different site?

Thanks again! My site goes live tomorrow. A brief summary of my article with your drawing will appear right then, and the full blog will most likely be posted on September 3. I'll put up drawingyourattention with link to deviant art, and change it if I hear back from you. I love your work and would love to give you as much publicity as possible!
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Thank you so much. Yes I will use it, link to your site and let you know when it goes up. Many thanks!
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 Dare to Rise Up found at has  just published your drawing of MJ. Many many thanks!
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Forgot to mention, the link appears on the blog page, found here… . I am still trying to get the theme I am using to publish the artist credit on the home page excerpt. Turns out this if quite difficult, and I'm still working on it. (Astonishing how photos and art gets published without proper photo credit, and how websites are designed to exclude that info!!)  If that is a problem let me know, otherwise I just want to say how grateful I am that you are allowing me to use this!
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absolutly perfect , ......I don't know what eles to say
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MJ ! :heart: Lovely smile !!!
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