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The Strange She-Cat by drawingwolf17 The Strange She-Cat by drawingwolf17
    I skipped the update last week because of finals so I decided to put in a little extra effort into this one. I really like how she turned out even though the background is...questionable. Does this cat look familiar? How about now? Yep! This is the character I drew as a human a little while ago. Below is a story about her. It's a little long though. Enjoy and happy holidays to everyone!

            Oakclaw patrolled the forest still mildly irritated that he was sent out alone. Duskstar had said she trusted him or whatever but he knew it was because she wanted several warriors in camp. She had been the leader of DarkClan for roughly a moon and had this fear that they would be ambushed. Oakclaw knew it was absurd but he went with it. She would get over it eventually as she became more experienced.
            He sauntered through the edge of their territory bordering twoleg place when a faint noise caught his attention. It was a quiet tinkling sound followed by distressed mews. He walked toward the sound cautiously.
            A pretty brown she cat stood by a tree tangled in some vines. A small bell on her pink kittypet collar jingled every time she tried to escape. She was making very little progress. Oakclaw sighed and walked toward her. Kittypets sure were bothersome.
            “Why are you on DarkClan territory?” he hissed.
            She she-cat jolted up looking in his direction. She scanned him for a moment before her eyes widened and she took a restricted step backward.
            “If I help free you, promise you’ll leave,” Oakclaw said.
            She nodded quickly.
            Oakclaw unsheathed his claws and swiped at the vines. They snapped easily. He knew kittypets were typically weak but this was pathetic. Could she really not get out of this? She shook the vines off her pelt.
            “Thank you,” she said more at ease.
            “Get back to your twoleg nest. You’re lucky someone else didn’t find you first. Why would a kittypet even be over here?”
            “A what?”
            “A kittypet. You know, a cat owned by twolegs?”
            “You mean housefolk. And I was just exploring when I got caught in the vines. No harm done,” her tone grew softer and more serious. “Why did you help me?”
            Oakclaw shrugged. “You’re just a kittypet.
You wouldn’t have survived long. Besides, it’s not like you’re hunting here or anything,”
            “Stop calling me that! I have a name, you know,”
            “Most cats have names,”
            “I’m Lilly,”
            Lilly. What a stupid name for a cat.
            “Me what?”
            “Well you have a name, don’t you?”
            “Strange name,”
            “Not really. All warriors have names like that,”
            “So you’re one of those awful forest cats?”
            Oakclaw looked back at her and glared.
            “Not that you’re awful,” Lilly said quickly. “I’ve just heard a lot of stories about you cats.”
            “Have you now? Like what?”
            “Well,” she said as if she was trying to remember. “You’re all tough, vicious and fight each other to survive. Hunting and killing every day. Is that all true?”
            “Pretty much,” Oakclaw said. He didn’t feel like explaining everything about his way of life. “In simplest terms.”
            “How do you stand it? It sounds terrible,”
            “How can you stand being a Kittypet?”
            Lilly gave him an annoyed look.
            “House cat,” Oakclaw corrected himself rolling his eyes. “Only allowed to go outside when the twolegs say so. Only eating what they give you. Sure it’s dangerous here but you get to decide where your life goes and who you want to be,”
            “But you would get killed eventually,”
            “Not if you can fight back,”
            Lilly started down at her paws almost looking ashamed.
            “Just head home,” he said turning around.
            “Thank you again, Oakclaw,” she purred nuzzling up next to him. Her fur was soft to the touch. “It was nice meeting you.”
            He flicked his tail in acknowledgement and started to make his way back to camp. Thoughts of this she-cat filled his mind for the rest of the day and although he would never admit it, he almost wanted to talk to her again.

Warriors and all media relating to Warriors belongs to Erin Hunter.

BraveHeartedw0lf Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, I love the story! Nice drawing too, I really like the background!
drawingwolf17 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thanks. I've been planning to draw more stuff like this in the future.
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