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The Deserted Clans Application - Otterpaw by drawingwolf17 The Deserted Clans Application - Otterpaw by drawingwolf17
    First upload of 2018! I've been wanting to roleplay Warriors for a while and I think I found a group worth trying out. Design adopted from

|| General Information ||

|| Name || :  Otterpaw
|| Previous Names || : Otterkit
|| Nicknames || : N/A
|| Current Age || : 7 moons
|| Starting Age|| : 7 moons
|| Physical Gender || : Male
|| Gender Identity || : Male

|| Appearance ||

|| Brief Description || : A small beige tom with brown and gray patches, big ears and blue eyes.
|| Accessories || : None
|| Fur Color || : Creamy beige, white, gray and brown.
|| Eye Color || : Lake blue
|| Fur Length || :  Short
|| Scars || : None

|| Clan Information ||

|| Current Clan || : RiverClan
|| Birth Clan || : RiverClan
|| Rank || : Apprentice
|| Affiliation || : Skeptic
|| Apprentice || : None
|| Past Apprentice(s) || : None
|| Mentor || : (To be seen)
|| Past Mentor(s) || : None

|| Personality ||

Bullet; Green || Imaginative || : As a kit, Otterpaw liked playing pretend. He would imagine he was a strong warrior who went on adventures. Now that he’s a bit older, he uses his imagination to come up with plans and ideas and see the world in a slightly different way. However, he can have an overactive imagination; especially when it comes to imagining the worst.

Bullet; Green || Hardworking || :  Otterpaw isn’t the strongest physically but he’s willing to keep trying and training until he gets better.

Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow || Quiet || : Otterpaw often doesn’t have much to say. Of course he does talk but he is usually pretty soft spoken, especially when dealing with cats he isn’t familiar with. He’s also pretty light on his feet which makes hunting and stealth a bit easier.

Bullet; Red Bullet; Yellow || Naive || : Despite his limitations, Otterpaw still believes that he can be a strong warrior. He usually doesn’t understand much about Clan politics and still has a youthfully optimistic view of the world. As a result, he’s pretty trusting and will usually go along with what someone says because he doesn’t think anyone would trick him. However, his trust isn’t limitless.

Bullet; Red || Cowardly || : Otterpaw can be spooked easily. His overactive imagination can make things seem scarier than they really are. Otterpaw is aware that he isn’t very strong so he’d rather run from a conflict than try to face it. He’s skittish and easily frightened.

Bullet; Red  || Forgetful || :  Otterpaw often forgets things such as names and hunting or battle strategies. He doesn’t have short term memory loss; he’s just a little scatterbrained.

|| Sexuality ||

|| Sexual Orientation || : Straight
|| Romantic Orientation || : Straight
|| Turn On's || : Reddish pelts, long fur, gentle personalities.
|| Turn Offs || : Thrill seekers

|| Looking For || :
( ) Long term relationship
( ) Short term relationship
( ) Open relationship
( ) Quick fling
( ) Unsure
(X) Nothing. He’s an apprentice. At most, he might get a small crush.

|| Relationship Goals || : Otterpaw would eventually like to find a sweet she-cat to call his mate and maybe have a few kits but not for a long while.

|| Current Relationship Status || : Single
|| Mate || : N/A
|| Kit(s) || : N/A

|| Family ||

|| Mother || :  Hawkfeather (npc) – A strong, dependable she-cat who’s capable of caring for herself.
|| Father || : Whitecloud (npc) – A somewhat distant tom who’s a strong hunter.
|| Sister(s) || : None
|| Brother(s) || : None

|| Backstory ||

|| Kitten || Otterkit was the only kit in his litter. Growing up, he spent most of his time playing with other kits or playing pretend. This gave him a huge imagination and dreams to someday be a great warrior. Otterkit had a strong relationship with his mother. His father, however, was never abusive but always a little cold and distant. Otterkit couldn’t figure out why. As long as Otterkit could remember, other cats have always been talking about the prophecy. Having a skeptic for a leader, Otterkit also decided that the prophecy was garbage. Plus, the whole idea scared him so much that he hopes the prophecy isn’t true. Generally, his kithood was standard.

|| Apprentice || Otterpaw was thrilled to finally become an apprentice. He vowed to work as hard as he could so he could someday be a strong warrior for his Clan. He also wants to impress his mother and maybe even win his father over if he becomes strong enough. He’s still an apprentice.

|| Extra Info ||

|| Likes || Fish, rain, breezes, swimming.

|| Dislikes || Snow, being teased, loud cats.

|| Secrets || None

|| Fears || Not becoming a warrior, heights, the prophecy.

|| Roleplay Information ||

|| Roleplay Status || : Open
Skype No
Discord Yes
Comments Yes
Notes Yes
Google Docs No

|| Roleplay Sample || : Otterpaw crouched in the brush silently watching a mouse several tail lengths away. He stilled his tail and quietly creeped closer. He paused a moment. This was close enough, right? He could probably catch the mouse from here. Otterpaw settled his nerves and prepared to leap. A light breeze ruffled his fur and caused the leaves to rustle together softly. The mouse looked up. It darted away. Otterpaw leaped forward just barely missing the mouse. He chased after it running as fast as he could. The mouse scrambled under the roots of a tree just out of reach. Otterpaw swatted after it and sighed, ears drooping. His mentor had warned him to always stay down wind. He had forgotten.

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BraveHeartedw0lf Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like his personality and design!
drawingwolf17 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Ah thanks! I was struggling with his personality for a bit. We'll see how it changes.
FlamesofanAngel Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018  Student Artist
Cute and looks cuddly
drawingwolf17 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thanks. I hoped he would :)
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