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Oakclaw Reference by drawingwolf17 Oakclaw Reference by drawingwolf17
I ended up changing his design a lot. The coat is now all brown shades, I made the ears and tail fluffier and just all around adjusted things.

This is Oakclaw, Duskstar's brother and deputy to DarkClan. He takes his job as deputy very seriously and is willing to help DarkClan in any way he can. His decisions are fueled more by logic and less by feelings and emotion. As a result, he's straightforward and will comment on other warriors whether they like it or not. Some see this as him being honest and trying to help while others think he's unnecessarily rude. Oakclaw is often annoyed that others don't see what's obvious to him and will direct sarcastic remarks toward them. As a result, he isn't always the most liked warrior in camp but he's unaffected by their comments. He'd rather be on his own anyway. But still, nobody can deny that what he says is usually right so Oakclaw is worth listening to.
    Many cats in DarkClan tend to think that Duskstar only chose Oakclaw as her deputy because they're related. While that was part of it, Duskstar knows that he won't let her make stupid decisions and isn't afraid to call her out when she's wrong. With Duskstar as the heart and Oakclaw as the brain, together they make a pretty strong leader.

Character and art belong to me.
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November 5, 2017
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