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Maybe Someday... by drawingwolf17 Maybe Someday... by drawingwolf17
So took a suggestion from Redfeather7 to draw Cedarheart confessing her feelings to Oakclaw... kinda ;)  You'll see in the story below.

    The sun was beginning to set on another day. Another day where Cedarheart couldn't muster up the courage to express her true feelings. No. Not this time. She wouldn't let another day slide by. Today was the day where she would spill everything. Cedarheart really couldn't stand Oakclaw as a kit what with his know-it-all demeanor and blunt comments. But now, something was different. He was different. And Cedarheart wasn't about to let some other she-cat snatch him away.
    "Um, Oakclaw?" she said in a hushed voice.
    The tom turned around to face her. "Yeah?"
    "It's just um..." she stuttered for a moment.
    "Uh," she looked away from him. "Good work out there today."
    "Oh," Oakclaw said as if he was expecting something else. "Thanks. You too."
    He turned and padded  toward the Warriors' den. She watched him leave disappointed with herself. Why couldn't she speak when it mattered?
    "I like you," she whispered to herself then went to join the others in the den.

My oblivious little son. Maybe one day he'll catch on.

Warriors and all media relating to Warriors belong to Erin Hunter.
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November 13, 2016
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