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Lilly Reference by drawingwolf17 Lilly Reference by drawingwolf17
Wow, she's unrecognizable compared to her old design. I'll admit, her first appearance was really rushed and I was never too happy with it. This time, she's more Siamese-ish. I was inspired by the Siamese breed but she isn't really one. But I changed a lot! And with her, I've officially redone all my characters (and added 2 more)!

So here's Lilly- my only Kittypet character. She was born and raised with housefolk and she's fine with that. As a result, she's pampered, well fed and a bit of a snob. Lilly is convinced she's a well-bred, well mannered, pretty young she cat. But she has a generally likable personality when she isn't building herself up. Her housefolk live near the woods where the Clans reside. She's heard several stories about the ravenous, vicious clan cats that infest the forest and she's terrified of them. Still, she can't help but be curious about them and their way of life. After all, they can't be all bad, right? But when you're a declawed cat, nearly anything can be a threat.

Character and drawing belong to me.
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November 10, 2017
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