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Cloverbreeze Reference - Outdated by drawingwolf17 Cloverbreeze Reference - Outdated by drawingwolf17
I didn't actually have a character in mind for DarkClan's medicine cat. But I fell in love with an adoptable design by JagodowaBabaeczka (link here ) and I had to create a character around it.
    So this is Cloverbreeze. She's a relatively small, short she-cat but very pretty. She knew as a kit she wanted to be a medicine cat and worked hard until she made her dream come true. Duskstar officially made her the medicine cat not long after becoming leader herself. She loves helping others and has even been known to aid cats outside of DarkClan when she can. She's not physically strong which can be difficult at times when dealing with injured warriors. She's inquisitive and wants to know about everything- including the personal issues and lives of other cats. She's not above getting involved in Clan gossip and will even use her position as a medicine cat to learn more. Being so young and having never lost a cat, she can be overly confident in her abilities as a healer.

Warriors belongs to Erin Hunter
The design was made by JagodowaBabaeczka
The character belongs to me.
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May 7, 2017
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