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Character References by drawingwolf17 Character References by drawingwolf17
I SO did not think I was going to finish this before the end of the weekend. I've been working on this off and on between homework and gaming and other stuff so It's taken me at least 5 days to finish. This is a group of original characters I have. I'll explain some stuff about them but there's a slight problem I have... I've been playing around with changing the setting and therefore the time period that these characters are in. As a result, while I have names and designs for them, they might end up changing a bit (ex: if I make it more modern, I might add jeans to a character or if I put it in the past, I'll have to change their names to prevent anachronisms.) But here's the general idea. These kids have magic that let them control a specific element. It was inherited by a family member and they're trying to figure out how to better use their powers. I'm still working out story and plot details. I can try to answer questions.

Here's a brief description of them from left to right:

The twins: Each have half of the power to control wind. They work in tandem to manipulate air currents. The first is more reserved and a little shy while the second is more outgoing and approachable. They're the youngest at about age 12.

The brother: The main character's younger brother. He's a bit on the weaker side because he doesn't have magic that the others do. Still, he has a kind heart and adores his older brother. Age 13.

The main: My main character. He can create and manipulate fire. He is the self-appointed leader of the group with a go-getter personality, a ton of pride and a reckless streak. He's 16.

The second main: The leading lady -but not love interest- of the group. She can spawn and manipulate water. She's a bit sarcastic but a logical thinker. Often, she has to hold back the main from doing anything too stupid. She's 15.

The adult
: Last but not least, the most responsible, down to earth character. He can manipulate the earth. As the only adult, he feels somewhat responsible for the other characters. He's the strongest physically and only talks when he needs to. He's 18 or 19.
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