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Art Timeline by drawingwolf17 Art Timeline by drawingwolf17
    This is going to be my last post for 2017. I wanted to do something a bit different so I thought it might be cool to go through my art experience. I decided to focus on traditional art because it spans more years and maybe I'll focus on digital art some other time.
    So, why would I upload this? I don't think any of the old drawings are particularly "good." In fact, I think a lot of them are pretty garbage. But that isn't the point. No artist starts off knowing what they're doing. In fact, it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll dislike more drawings than you like. At least at first. That's what happens to me usually.
    Opening up a bit here, I used to always hate my art. I never drew anything because it always made me sad and kind of angry that I couldn't make what I saw in my head. That was about ages 12-14 which is why I have so few drawings from that era. I was always discouraged to keep trying and whenever I did draw, I usually traced. After this, I started to like drawing again but I also hated it because I felt weird taking all my art from other people. But around 15, I found motivation again to get better. And I ran with it. While I still don't think I'm that great at drawing, I can see myself getting better. And maybe someday, whether in 2 years or 20, I'll be really happy with what I can do.

    So to any artists out there, I only have one thing to say. Don't be afraid to fail, to hate your drawings, or to be indifferent to them. Not everything will turn out right. And that's okay. The sooner you accept this, the easier it becomes to draw. Don't misinterpret me, I'm not saying to settle for just being okay. Push yourself and always try to get better. But don't worry about one drawing or one bad day. Just keep going. With that, Happy New Year.
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CatGamer1227 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
the anatomy on the noodle straw limbs is perfect XD
drawingwolf17 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I have a whole collection of drawings like that. It's really something to behold...
BraveHeartedw0lf Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Man, It's so great to see the progression of your art! Your old warrior drawing were so cute!
This really proves that anyone can do anything if they consistently try and try again, and work hard.
I can really agree with being discouraged at points, and you're really an inspiration to me! :D
drawingwolf17 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017  Student Digital Artist
That's really all I hope to get across; that people improve with time and it's okay to be unsatisfied now as long as you want to get better in the future.
I've seen you progressing and getting better all the time. I think it's really cool to see! Keep it up and I'm sure you'll be a fantastic artist.
BraveHeartedw0lf Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! -^^-
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December 29, 2017
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