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Monstrous creature entry

This was going to be my entry for *wezenbeesje's contest, but I missed the deadline by almost a whole month =3=

ANYWAYS species info:
Name: Dragifforse
Habitat: Found commonly on plains and open savannahs, but can happily live on the lower platou of a mountain.
Diet: (hardcore Carnivore) Anything that moves, as well as carrion.
Other Info: A common predator on open plains, the Dragifforse will run down and kill anything it sees (if it's hungry). It can kill it's prey by bitting down on the neck of the prey, and snapping the spinal cord (much like a big cat), or injecting the animal with a paraylsing poison from any of the spurs or barbs on the Dragifforse's legs of the two limbs behind the back legs.
Dragifforses run in large herds, much like wild horses, led by one dominant male, migrating from one place to another to find enough food. Dragifforse's do not work together (intentionally) when hunting, as they can outrun nearly anything.

Animals used : dragonfly, horse, giraffe, antelope, ostrich, cheetah, platypus

Species and art (C) Meeeee
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Ahh, monsters.


I love monsters !

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ugh... you should totally share this with :iconbeastkitchen: ;)
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thanks for the suggestion :meow:
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very cool. love those stones/pebbles on it's skin ^^
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Thanks XD the scales/raised fur (I never got around to deciding if it was scale or fur covered creature) took a while :D
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sure looks like it :D
l0l both of 'em sound cool ^^
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