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Welcome to drawingPEOPLE
Join this group if you would like to improve in drawing people. This group welcomes rough studies, sketches and paintings of the human anatomy as well as detailed drawings/paintings, We also allow submissions of resources such as tutorials and photo references.

Please read the Resource section of the journal entry for some helpful links that will allow you to improve on drawing people. This section is included in every journal entry, but we suggest you read it from the newer entries as these are more up to date.

Upon uploading your studies, members are encouraged to critique one another's work on a give and receive basis to help others, as well as yourself to improve.
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Aug 29, 2011


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2,104 Members
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Feel free to affiliate with us!









Hello, original founder here.

Sorry the group never really gained traction, I had started uni at the time and left it for ginger-fart to look after, I'm not sure how active she is anymore and RaerBear doesn't seem active either, which leaves SirGunky and myself as the only ones with any real power.

I don't think much can be done unless there's an active founder, I have contacted the help desk to inquire about restoring my founder position if at all possible, and have also contacted ginger-fart, but I do not expect to receive a response. As a solution to this I have created a new group and encourage everyone to migrate there, all current active contributors (active within the last month) will receive invites for admin co-founder positions, this includes:


Each co-founder will have the ability to invite others to co-founder position too.

The new group is: PEOPLE-ART-ACADEMY

I will send out invites for the new group and affiliate it with this one. If you're interested in becoming a contributor for the new group, feel free to comment your interest on this journal post or send a message directly to my new account girafii, your application will be decided by the co-founders once they have been recruited. Please only apply for contributor positions if you are going to be active, you will be removed after 2 months of inactivity unless you give notice to the admins.

I had originally founded this group with the intent of it being a learning resource for its members. I'm not sure if this was ever achieved, I feel that the majority of people use it as they would with any group - to give their work exposure, not that there is anything wrong with that. With the new group I will be sure to post learning resources to help members improve their skills in drawing people and encourage everyone to be community driven and provide feedback to other members.
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Things to keep in mind

• Both traditional and digital work are accepted
Photography is accepted in the Photo References folder
• Be sure to submit to the correct gallery folder
• If your submission is a page of various body parts, submit to the Various folder
• Be sure to give professional critique (give positive feedback as well as negative, finish with tips on improving)
• Try not to submit too many separate pieces, group them on a single page and upload as one large file instead
• The Feature folder is for works of higher quality, anything submitted here will be voted upon by the admins
• Be sure to read the blog entry Resource for drawing people as this will be very helpful for you

C o n t r i b u t o r s
We are recruiting contributors! - If you have a good knowledge on drawing the human anatomy and an understanding of different art styles then you are welcome to request to be a contributor.
As a contributor it is your job to:
• Invite members
• Sift through the dA galleries, finding art to submit to the group
-----Be sure to submit to correct gallery folder
-----Read Group Info for understanding of what to submit
-----This image shows how to submit people's Artwork
-----Aim for 5 a week at least
• Manage the gallery - make sure things are in the correct gallery folder, if they are not then you can move them (hover over the artwork's thumbnail which will show a pencil icon, click that then click move)
• Vote on submissions by members
-----Only decline if it's the wrong folder
• Help members out by critiquing their submitted work (try to aim for 5 pieces of art every week)

M e m b e r s
As a member you can:
• Invite others to join
• Submit your artwork (make sure it's correct folder!)
-----Not sure how to submit? View this image
• Suggest favourites
• Help others out by critiquing their submitted work (try to aim for 5 pieces of art every week)


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ChIandra4U Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018   General Artist
I am sorry to leave this group.
Should anybody decide to make it an active one again
I will gladly return.
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My submission did expire.
Is this group non active ?
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people-art-academy also seems defunct...
a shame...adieu
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I would definitely be interested in the new group--
will you send me an invitation?thx cheerios
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This group is unfortunately
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