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The Blood Countess

Elizabeth Bathory, also known as "the blood countess"... She was a Hungarian countess from the 16th century who was accused for killing and torturing more than 600 young women. It is said she used the blood of the virgins to stay young...
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wow! I love this piece.

there she is in
her red
elongated dress and

on the floor are the ghost 
of her
dead  victims

counting them
out an
unusually high
tens of hundreds
so tightly together watching her bath in their blood........................
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StephieLoco's avatar
So exquisite. I love the subject, and the art. Keep up the beautiful work ;-)
tmalzorriab's avatar
perfectly captured

HetaliaPossessed's avatar
I remember seeing a documentary about this. This woman was seriously messed up....
AiviloVamp's avatar
beautiful imagery
beautiful at 1st I didnt notice the victims then it was boom!
knight1128's avatar
WOW! this is so great, amazing and beautiful.
Did you make this picuture?
great job :D
shadowdollcat's avatar
Whoa very cool! I especially find the fabric of the dress to be quite elegant!
kinley's avatar
wow i love what you did there. the girls under her dress. AH! Great use of symbolism!! :D
eViLdEmOn124's avatar
MizzBunnyKins's avatar
Wow, nice work and just today I watched the film 'The Countess'.
waffflebat's avatar
wow, amazing concept for the dress.
unknownsamuri's avatar
I appreciate the history behind the work itself and your art ties into the character very well - good job!
Love what you did with the dress.
Dazed1's avatar
The flowing fabric is so beautiful.
Such a wonderful piece !
Arppis's avatar
So, did it work? The blood bathing? ;)
TheFirstLadyPortia's avatar
I just recently got into the story of Elizabeth Bathory when watching the movie "Stay Alive". A year or so before, I read a fictional story about her. I decided to look through DA to find an image that I most often pictured in my mind, and I have to say...she is perfect. Elegance in every line that still has the ability to portray a person most disturbing. Wonderful job. Definitely a favorite.
Aranuman8160's avatar
Ah yes, Elizabeth Bathory.
epeescrub's avatar
That's an awesomely grotesque interpretation.

And the (even more) tragic thing about it is... she got old anyway.
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