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Non-destructive Editing in Photoshop
Photomanip Weekend
Photoshop has a great arsenal of tools that let you work non-destructively. Let's take a look at three of the most important options.
1. Layer & Vector Masks

Have you ever cut something out using the eraser only to find out later (when your undos are no longer available) that you cut too much? Use Layer and Vector Masks instead of the eraser! 
A Layer Mask (Layer > Layer Mask > Add Layer Mask) is a raster mask that can go from white through grey to black: anything you paint black will become invisible, anything white is visible and all greys are degrees of opacity. You can use any brush to paint on it or you can use a gradient to get soft transitions. In addition, you can add a layer mask from an existing selection. Layer Masks can be refined using a special tool, too (double click on the mask thumbnail) to help you refine or soften edges.

A Vector Mask (
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So there have been a lot of new art sites trying to either compete against Tumblr and DA or just get the attention of artists in general and a lot of them have failed. I can already sum up most of my bad experiences with DA and Tumblr alternative' No mobile version, far too basic, very limited posting features, awful AWFUL layout, and the popup to ''look at peoples work'' while, nice in intention, was far too annoying.
Pixiv- This site is good...If you're a fucking weeaboo. Like, I have nothing against anime, in fact, some of my favorite shows are PASWG and Death Note are anime, but Pixiv can literally be described as anime and hentai hell. And while I love anime, my art style is far from resembling it. Not only that, but it's extremely limited and requires you to pay for basic features like SEARCH RESULTS! 
Ello- While seen as a Facebook alternative, the team itself has stated that it's mainly for artists. Despite that, Ello is awful for artists. Not only is the site eyebleedingly white, but it's also very difficult to navigate and most ''art related'' posts aren't very interesting and the sections don't help at all. It's also very obscure so don't think your work will get out there. Not only that, but I barely used the app version because there were glitches were I couldn't post shit.
ArtRift-I actually really like this site and I really want to give it a chance. In fact, I'm still open to it though they need to fix some flaws. One, it's FAR to obscure and like Ello, it's obscurity makes it kind of pointless, and there's no mobile app and it has the same problem with porn that DA has.
Instagram- Too basic
Pin.Up- Too basic, no feedback, weird glitches
The rest- Too obscure, same problems as the rest.

That was until I was watching a DA is dying video (which it is) when I stumbled upon PaigeeWorld and Art Amino. When I first saw PaigeeWorld, I looked in dread over the anime art thinking it would be the same as Pixiv. But to my pleasant surprise, there was a decent variety of art. In the explore section, there is ''Feedback'' basically like Critique on DA (This part made me especially happy), Welcome (So the front page), Original Characters, Gallery, Realism, Abstract, Cartoon, Cosplay, Semi-Realism- Anthro (Same as DA only shortened),Photography, Painting,Abstract, Crafts, Roleplay,Other,Manga And PaigeeWorld characters. So basically, everything that I like and could ever need in an art site. Of course there are obvious things that it lacks in comparison to DA like chat rooms and journals, but I find that Medium is a far better writers only substitute for that and the writing tools are far better than DA. And the chat feature is something that I barely use anyways, and I could easily use art amino for that. Other features are more unnecessary than anything and I actually feel that groups are rather pointless and actually make it harder for new artists than easier. But other than that, it's pretty much like DA and in my opinion, can stand on it's own. In fact, I could argue that it's better than Tumblr since unlike Tumblr, PaigeWorld is exclusively for art making it much easier for your art to get on the front page. It also has a mobile version, so another plus. In fact, it doesn't surprise me that the site is so much like DA since Paigee used to be a long time Deviant! (Her account on here is dead now, hasn't used it in two years).

So because of that, it makes the site an even better alternative because she knows what long time DA users are looking for! But here's the question, is it well known? I would say that while small compared to DA, It's still huge compared to any other alternative (Tumblr being the only exception, though since it's more for blogs then art and was never meant to compete with DA,so it doesn't count in my eyes). Not only that, but the community is super active and supportive, there are tons of speedpaints and tutorials and the creators are insanely active (In fact, they're actually more active than DA since the PaigeeWorld youtube channel's latest video was four months ago compared to 1 year ago with DA). And like DA, videos about the site, contests, and tutorials are shown. However, unlike DA's youtube, we get more of a personal look from the creator as we see that she is a young 22 year old who loves manga and anime, copics, art supplies, and sharing her process. I feel this makes the site better as this girl is very easy to relate to for young artists. Especially given for young artists! Finally, like DA, PaigeWorld does have a paid membership though it's far cheaper in comparison. Compared to DA's 50$ a month core membership (Which keep in mind, costs about the same as Adobe products. Yes DA actually thinks their shitty site is worth as much as Adobe products) Paigeworld only is 2.99$  a month. Or three dollars. Again, super cheap. This membership also has something unique and useful to Paigeworld called shoutouts. What are shoutouts? Shoutouts are like reblogs and retweets only waaay cooler. With a shoutout, you get to show all of your followers a post you like and repost your friends art giving them recognition. Heck, you could even shoutout yourself! This is by far the greatest art related feature ever invented. One of the biggest issues a young artist faces is lack of recognition, so this will defiantly help in giving that artist all the recognition that's needed! There is also the PaigeeWorld badge which is pretty much like the core membership badge, being able to change your username, free advertising, and exclusive access to new features. Basically like DA but better in a lot of ways. Heck they even say that you don't have to commit to it by cancelling your subscription but still getting the PaigeePlus (Core Membership) features. WHY.DOESN'T.DA.DO.THIS?

So overall, PW is fantastic and I am honestly sold on moving there. Unlike the other DA alternatives, there's very little I take issue with. Expect me to be less active on this site. I'll probably stick on here for inspiration and making fun of little kids to make myself feel better, but overall I'm done.


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Rachel Ray Ray
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
I am an artist, comedian, and media reviewer. I mainly write and draw Sci Fi, Parody art, and fantasy.

I use my HP Spectre x360 convertible and Intous Draw to make art. My main programs are Clip Studio Paint and Krita, as well as Photoshop.



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