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Buriol's Robber

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Buriolestes schultzi, a recently described dinosaur from the Late Triassic Santa Maria Formation of Brazil. It was fairly typical looking for a basal dinosaur—a two-legged, five-fingered theropod-looking thing—with teeth that are curved and serrated, indicating it was a carnivore. Superficially, it looks like just any other early, carnivorous theropod. However, a number of features of its skeleton seem to indicate that Buriolestes was no theropod at all, but in fact was the most basal known member of Sauropodomorpha. Basal sauropodomorphs have been suggested to be omnivores before (such as Eoraptor),  but Buriolestes has the teeth of full-on carnivore, with no particular adaptations for omnivory (as far as I'm aware anyway), making it the first known truly "meat-eating" sauropodomorph. This would imply that the herbivorous sauropods had evolved from an entirely carnivorous ancestor, and more broadly could suggest that all dinosaurs, including the herbivorous ornithischians, were all ancestrally carnivores, rather than descending from a more generalised omnivore.

Typically, I've illustrated it in such a way that some of its more distinctive features—like the sharp teeth and slightly down-curved jaw tip—are obscured by soft tissue. What can you do, eh?


Cabreira, S.F.; Kellner, A.W.A.; Dias-da-Silva, S.; da Silva, L.R.; Bronzati, M.; de Almeida Marsola, J.C.; Müller, R.T.; de Souza Bittencourt, J.; Batista, B.J.; Raugust, T.; Carrilho, R.; Brodt, A.; Langer, M.C. (2016). "A Unique Late Triassic Dinosauromorph Assemblage Reveals Dinosaur Ancestral Anatomy and Diet"Current Biology26: 3090–3095. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2016.09.040.
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I love to see feathers on Sauropodomorphs.
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Although it's very unlikely.
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Thank you!
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No problem.