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Sidekick (Tenya Iida x Reader)
Tenya Iida had a girlfriend who was just recently allowed to transfer into the Hero’s Program in Class 1-B after being in general studies for one semester. For awhile no one knew that they were a couple because they didn’t act like a typical couple. In fact, many just thought he was there just to harass the unfortunate girl. He would find her specifically and point and yell at her over and over again before until she cried before walking away in the typical Iida manner. Uraraka was the first to notice the new transfer for into Class 1-B and for awhile, they thought she was quirkless until it was confirmed she had one but Class B was not talking. But that still didn’t stop Iida’s constant harassment. He would find her during lunch twice a week where once again, he would constantly yell at her outside. She would patiently sit there and listen to his yelling. Soon her new classmates took notice and didn’t like one of their own being yelled at by someone from
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 33 33
Tenya Iida X Reader - Classroom Blues
U.A, a prestigious school for those who knew that the field of hero was what they wanted, and the school helped fuel their need for it. You knew you wanted to be a hero more than most, but some made you feel like you didn’t want it hard enough. Others like Bakugou Katsuki or even Midoriya Izuku made you feel like your drive wasn’t hard enough, and as if you were unworthy of being there.
During your lunch break, instead of going to the cafeteria like your friends and other students, you headed towards the school rooftop to get some fresh air. The stairs to the roof seemed to drag on endlessly, each stair seemingly getting higher, and by the time you had arrived to the rooftop your legs were sore. Usually the stairs weren’t a chore for you, but today just seemed to not be your day.
The wind danced with tree limbs, making their leaves land onto the rooftop floor. You stepped to a bench and plopped down, putting your head in your heads. Man, you honestly just wanted to st
:iconohitsthatgirl:OhItsThatGirl 38 3
Memories [Iida Tenya x Reader]
[Iida Tenya x Reader]
Gender: Neutral
≈ 810 Words

[Memory Loss AU]
        There was something that he couldn’t quite grasp here.
        Iida never quite understood what was going on. Why was this attractive stranger holding his hand? Why were they visiting a children’s playground, of all things?
        The answer would drift through his mind, but the moment he understood, it slipped through his fingers once again.
        It was frustrating, really, yet he listened to you ramble on about things he simply couldn’t recall.
        “Hey, Tenya-kun. Remember when we first met?” No, he didn’t. After all, the events leading up to this very moment seemed. . . Fuzzy. There were bits and pieces here and there, like puzzle pieces which didn’t quite fit together.
        However, he could recall
:iconim-p-ulse:Im-P-ulse 76 8
Tenya Iida x Reader - Relax
You were eating a bowl of rice in the cafeteria with Iida, Midoriya, and Ururaka. The latter two were engrossed in a conversation about class. Iida was eating slowly, apparently thinking hard about something. But you knew better.
“Are you feeling all right?” you asked.
The bespectacled boy quickly waved his hand dismissively. “Of course! I'm the epitome of health.”
“You're holding all kinds of stress in your shoulders and between your shoulder blades,” you replied.
“That's nonsense, (Y/N). You must be mistaken.”
You raised an eyebrow. “Then why are you trying to crack your back?”
He froze immediately and said nothing. But you were both aware of the sweat drop forming on his face.
“Come with me.” You grabbed his arm and dragged him away from the lunch table.
“(Y/N), it's lunch time!” Iida protested. “Where are we going?”
“Recovery Girl's office. Unless you want to take your shirt off in
:iconskyphoenix13125:SkyPhoenix13125 95 8
After Sex Talks - Tsukishima Kei x Reader (XMAS)
After Sex Talks (N9)
Brisk breaths sink out and in your lungs, making your veins rush your blood to your madly beating heart. Beads of sweat are rolling down your face and all you see in front of yourself is a bowed head of just as exhausted Tsukishima and a blurry light of your Chrsitmas tree behind him.
You let your hands drop loosely as you unwrap his neck and shut your eyes momentarily. You feel sore down the belt, but the feeling your chest is overflowed with is beyond the human understanding. It's so satisfying that you can no longer erase the inappropriate smirk off your face.
"Tsukki." You giggle softly, running your hand on the side of his face whilst he's still staring you down.
The blond cringes momentarily and shakes his head. "Don't call me that. It feels like I'm talking to Yamaguchi every time you do." He remarks, making you let out a mortifying snort along with the loud laughter. Your cheeks turn red and you duck y
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 545 38
Faults. (Peeta Mellark x Tortured!Reader)
It was never real.
That's what you told yourself when the hatred began to eat away at you. Those words were just a simple lie. They couldn't hurt anyone. Right? All your thoughts were labeled as private and filed away in the never ending corridor of your mind. Even with the latest technology, no one could hack into your brain. Except, The Capitol had been observing you long before you even knew you harbored such loathing. They had seen the secret that you had tried so hard to conceal. Only when the uprising was looking promising did they take action. It took months of personalised torture (so graciously prescribed by District 1 folks) for you to gain some sort of insight on what the keen eyed District 1 saw. Of course, this clearer sight was merely a side effect of the demoralising sessions you went through. As soon as the rescue was carried out from the people of District 13 (and a few from your home, District 12), you were admitted to the closest ward with a long list
:iconamyboomx:AmyBOOMx 18 7
Haymitch x reader - Asking for lunch (One-shot)
You walked down one of the many hallways of district 13, the district where you've been sheltering from the capitol and its troops for a few weeks now. After Haymitch and Plutarch Heavensbee told you the plan and asked for your assistance in it, you agreed almost immediately and took part in the rebellion against Snow. After getting Katniss out of the Arena, the hovercraft flew straight towards District 13, where you've been making plans ever since. At the moment, Katniss was off with Gale and other members of the rebellion to shoot some propaganda, so you had some time off and figured you could visit Haymitch to ask him to join you for lunch. Ever since he, Katniss, Peeta and Effie came to the Capitol during the 74th Hunger Games, you two became friends and after a while, you became more than friends. Sure, he was quite a bit older than you, but that didn't bother you as he felt the same way. After the 74th Hunger Games, you returned with him to district 12, ( you lived in the capitol
:iconwritingpug:Writingpug 5 1
Tachibana Makoto | Life-guard
Hot… one word that could describe the situation you were in. Ninety-eight-degree temperature and you’re sitting up high on a chair, in a red suit, surveying loud children in the cool refreshing water that you’re not allowed to swim in until your shift ends. Glancing at the clock on the wall you groan, which doesn’t happen until five.
Huffing, you pull the stupid lifeguard hat down onto your head to block out the sun. Leaning back in the chair, you hug the squishy lifesaver to your chest, people watching. Peering out over the pool you seek out the culprit for this position. Hearing a childish laugh, you whip your head to the right spotting a blonde head encouraging a child to swim in the refreshingly cool water.
“I’m going to kill him,” you growl causing a child nearby to flinch.
Five days ago
Swimming your last lap in the Iwatobi High School’s pool, you slap your palm against the sidewall. Lifting your face
:iconezaito:ezaito 733 68
This Love ~ Sick!Makoto x Reader [Free!]
“Hey [Name], do you love me?” Your boyfriend Makoto unsurely asked.
You looked up from the soup you were making and frowned.
“Makoto, if I didn’t love you would I be here taking care of you..? Would I have even agreed to go out with you?” You sighed.
“I guess you wouldn’t..” He said dreamily.
Makoto was always worried that you’d leave him. You didn’t understand it. You huffed and turned back to your soup.  Makoto had caught the flu and since his family was out of town, you had come over to take care of him. You brought a spoon filled with broth up to your lips to taste the soup.
“Hot hot hot HOT!!” You yelled when it burned your tongue.
Makoto chuckled at your actions but soon began to cough. You rushed to his side with a glass of water which he quickly drank.
“Take it easy. Your soup will be done soon.” You said while pressing your hand to his forehead.‘Damn,’ you thought, ‘he still h
:icongfftfg:gfftfg 735 65
Reckless (Kiyoshi Teppei x Reader)
It was the end of the third quarter, Seirin was holding their own against the shield of aegis, Yosen, in fact it seemed as though they had completely pierced it. You could not have been happier for Seirin, though you couldn't help but be worried, your idiot of a boyfriend, Kiyoshi Teppei, was pushing himself to the brink of death yet again.  
As if on cue, you see Kiyoshi running past the Seirin bench when he suddenly starts falling towards the ground. Bolting from your seat into a standing position, worry coursing through your veins, you see Kuroko catch him just before he hits the ground. You have so many questions running through your mind, the main one being, 'Is he okay?'.
The referee calls a time out and Kiyoshi is pulled from the game, he immediately makes his way to take a seat on the teams bench, towel hanging over his head. Seeing this, your mind felt a little more at ease. 'At least he isn't being stubborn and recklessly continuing to play.' Sitting back i
:iconlindtax:Lindtax 12 0
Hands | Kiyoshi Teppei
Kiyoshi had never been this intrigued about hands until he’d met you. It’s true his were much larger than the average male his age, but it’d never been something he thought about.
However, when he started dating you, and gave you a high-five on acing the hardest test of the year, he couldn’t help but stare at his for a few moments. As if admiring the spot you’d just hit with your very small hand. Since then, he’d always grab yours, whether you were watching television, or doing homework - he’d always grab your free hand - and just watch how it fit so well in his own.
After a rather tough practice match, you’d finally asked him the one question weighing on your mind since he’d started this weird habit.
“Do you have a hand fetish?”
He blinked, tilting his head to the side as he raised an eyebrow.
“I don’t know what you mean ___-chan.”
Rolling your eyes, you crossed your arms over your che
:icontiacchi:Tiacchi 46 4
Kiyoshi Teppei x Reader (RQ)
Your back hit the wall behind the gym and you slid down to the ground, crouching. You remember the sight of Kiyoshi and the team coach, Riko Aida talking and laughing together with his arm over her shoulder. You had a feeling she was his ex-girlfriend but you couldn't bear to ask him. They were close and you knew that for a while ever since you found out she was the basket ball coach but their relationship wasn't just that. You knew that what they had was something more. the thoughts circled around in your mind before nostalgia had hit you, making you reminiscence about how you first met...
It was 7 in the morning when you had arrived at Seirin High. The sun sho down brightly revealing the dew drops that still lingered on the grass and leaves of the trees all around school making them sparkle like glitter. This was the view you came to see every morning an hour before class started. You stretched your arms out, inhaling the crisp air around you. "It's refreshing isn't it?" A deep v
:iconsaucydoll:SaucyDoll 72 17
Mornings [Kiyoshi Teppei x Reader]
Since you lived right next door, it had become a habit to wait for Kiyoshi at his house and then walk together to school.
Greeting his parents on entering the house, you climbed the staircase and walked towards his room. Unlike usual days, when he was ready and waiting for you, today you heard no sound from him. Peeping through the open door, you saw him; still lying in bed.
“Kiyoshi! Why aren’t you up yet?!”
He grumbled some incoherent words, not making a single attempt to move.
You arrived at the assumption that he had slept late. Yet, however good the reason may have been, the two of you needed to get to school on time. So, you rushed downstairs and reached for his cup of coffee that was waiting for him on the table.
You rushed into his room once again. “Kiyoshi, I brought coffee!” He didn’t seem as interested as you hoped he would be. Not wanting to get late, you knelt beside his bed and brought the coffee closer to his face.
“Come on, Kiyo
:iconarabesque4:arabesque4 78 5
[Kiyoshi] Patiently Waiting
Kiyoshi Teppei x Reader
She regretted her actions the moment she saw the fleeting look of rejection flash across his eyes.
“Teppei… I’m sorry, I-“
“No, don’t be…” his grip around her waist loosened as he pulled back and gave her a smile which didn’t reach his eyes. “I should be the one apologizing for rushing you. I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable, [Name].”
Perhaps she shouldn’t have pulled away when he leaned in for a kiss, seeing as they had been dating for over a month. But she had never been a person who was comfortable with intimacy. And being with Kiyoshi, well… his affectionate personality made it difficult to avoid physical contact. Despite that, the brunette basketballer always remained patient with her, letting her take her time to warm up to him. It wasn’t like she didn’t trust Kiyoshi. In fact, aside from her family, he was the one whom she felt most comfortable with. N
:iconicyfalls:icyfalls 215 22


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"Who was she?" Alice asked the Hatter noticing how he glanced at a small photo in the heart shaped locket.
"My love," his voice was small. "My world."


"Do you think Tarrant is alive?"

Mother placed a hand on her shoulder careful not to wake the toddler asleep in his mother's arms.
She sighed, "I know he is. I know he hasn't lost hope. Things may not look the brightest right now, but we'll get out of here. You'll see, it might be a little while, but one day we'll be free."
Glancing down at her grandchild, she bitterly smiled. Their slow aging had been a thing they were all glad for.
 It was cruel. Cruel to tear a family apart. Horunvendish Day was meant to be the day (Y/n) told her husband she was pregnant. The only good thing to come of this was both of her daughter-in-laws were treated nicely by Iracebeth during their pregnancies. Not fairly by any means, but nicer.
 They were returned to their original sizes, kept in a dungeon cell and seen by a physician. When the babies were a little older, they all were returned to the antfarm, but the kids and their mothers got extra food.
 None had been shocked to find (Y/n) named her son Tarrant Junior (TJ) after his father. An almost exact replica of Tarrant.


"You believe me?" The Hatter opened his eyes.
 "I'll always believe you," Alice patted his hand.
"If they're alive then why haven't they come to visit me?" He frowned.
"They can't," Shaking her head she continued, "They're being held captive by the only person cruel enough to keep them this long."

All the color came back to the Hatter as he leapt to his feet.
"Bloody big head."


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