Hello everyone! I'm sorry for the pause in accepting deviations, replying to notes, etc—, but I was on hiatus. I wasn't aware the the other admins had also stopped accepting deviations and practically doing anything. I understand we all have our own lives to tend to so if they're reading this, I'm not trying to be rude!
Anyways, I'll be looking for 5 new admins!
  1. Must be active at LEAST every other day
  2. Must have patience
  3. Needs to be able to consistently go through submissions
  4. Must reply to me when I make an announcement for admins!!!
Form: (please note me personally)
Age- (Not required, just to get a feel of what your daily life is like and how available you'd be)
Are you patient?-
How active are you on dA?-
Are you able to sort submissions?-
Deadline: September 25th, 2020
Once new admins are selected, I will try to be more active as well. I am going to be posting the mascot winners soon, I'm sorry it took so long!! This year has been an absolute trainwreck.

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