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Hello and sorry for me (since the other admins are hardly on?) being inactive in the group. I just checked in on the page and realized we hit 4K! Such a milestone :huggle:

All entries at the end will be put into a large film sort of thing and will be submitted to YouTube. All credits will be given and links to your page will be in the description.

For this art contest. It'll be: Do what you do best. Meaning: If your profession is in photography, take some photos and apply them here at the group. If your profession is in animation, make some animations and apply them at this journal and so forth! You can submit unlimited amounts of entries, just make sure what you're doing makes you happy! :love:

:bulletred: You must have at LEAST 3 entries and at LEAST one needs to be created for the purpose of this contest
:bulletred: No stealing arts
:bulletred: You must be in the group to participate
:bulletred: No adoptables
:bulletred: Make a journal about this contest and link back
:bulletred: Favorite this journal
:bulletred: Contribute 1 or more prize(s)
:bulletred: Please tell me in the comments if you fav'd and shared (PLEASE LIST YOUR PRIZE)

Entries: None

Prizes: (1-10th place) All prizes will be donated from our members! :gallery:

Deadline: 5K members