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Red 'My Documents' Icon

By Drawder

[My Documents]

This is the second of the System Folder Icons. Thanks to the request of many people, I was encouraged to create it. The System Folders will include:

-Empty Folder
-My Documents
-My Pictures
-My Music
-My Videos

This icon comes in two versions: Opaque and Transparent.
The Opaque version maintains basically the color, and Transparency allows the change of tone with different backgrounds. People like one better than the other, so I'll release both in every upload of the System Folders.

Three formats: Windows .ICO, .PNG and MAC .ICNS (I'm no expert in MAC icons, so if you find any problems with the icon, please let me know so I can solve any issues).

This Documents icon comes in 12 different colors:

-[link] RED
-[link] DARK BLUE
-[link] PURPLE
-[link] BLACK

If the link is not provided, I'm still working on it, so it will soon arrive.

Thanks you so much, and if you like it, pleas leave me a comment :)

Some of the tablets inside the folder are actual Microsoft Office Icons. Such amazing work from InterestingJohn: [link]
The cool looking background (You know it's cool! :D ) is from alexlenain. you can find it here: [link]

Also, if you'd like me to design an Icon for anything, please let me know...
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Marvellous ! Greate job.
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I made a video folder from your concept and was wondering if you would like to preview it or make it better.  It matches pretty much the concept you have for the other black folders.  You would be the first and only to see and approve it.  I can send it at your request.  
Bonjour je voudrais savoir comment modifier les icônes???merci
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Great work! :thumbsup:
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Thank you so much....
adni18's avatar
My pleasure! :)
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These are awesome!
Drawder's avatar
Well thank you sir! :D
Miranthia's avatar

Lol you're welcome!
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Oh, my bad... thank you good lady! :D
Miranthia's avatar
:P It's not a problem, it made me giggle!
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Awesome, the best documents icon I found!! Good job
Drawder's avatar
Well thank you good sir! :D
Drawder's avatar
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