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For a more detailed explanation of rules, please read the journal here ->…

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Be respectful and kind :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: No Advertising via comments, do so by paying 25 :points: and we will advertise for you :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: No copied, traced or heavily referenced from other work art(referencing is alright as long as it's not copying) :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: No Work against DA rules :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: poorly displayed/scanned work/WIP not accepted :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Work done by you, and you only unless it's an agreed collab :bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Submissions breaking the rules will get declined. ask for details in the comment box, do not note/spam admins thank you :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

Please check out also our "Sister" affiliate and long time supporter

So it's time we made some changes around here. I'm going to try to cover everything I need to at the moment because I haven't been really done much lately.

First of all, Digital folders 0-7 are going to be deleted. It's way too much to take care of. At the end of a week, I end up being tired of it and I barely get to any other folder besides the digital ones. I haven't touched a couple of them in years. ;.; So, Digital Folders 8-10 are going to be renamed 1-3. If you really want to re-submit old art, go ahead.

Also, I'm deleting the Critique Request folder. No one seems to know what this folder is for and no one uses it for its original propose.

Animated and Interactive is changing its name to, GIFs, Animated and Games. Hopefully this clears up confusion on what belongs in this folder.

I'm going to change around a few rules as well.

:bulletblack: We are no longer going to advertise commissions.

:bulletblack: Because of the rules we have in place, we cannot accept base YCH things. I don't care if you submit the full complete YCH, but no bases.

:bulletblack: We're not accepting Pateron advertising of any form.

:bulletblack: We've also decided to no longer accept adopts. The ones that are already in folders are going to stay there until they get sold.

And that's all for now. I'm sure I'm going to forget something. So I'll edit later.
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