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Let's Draw a Box together!!

Hello! This page is all about practicing art fundamentals using the lessons from Draw a Box. If don't know about this site, go, check it out, and start at Lesson 1!! These lessons are drawn from Peter Han's Dynamic Sketching course and are incredibly helpful. All thanks go to Irshad Karim, aka /u/Uncomfortable on Reddit, for creating this lovely resource.

Also check out /r/ArtFundamentals, where you can post your homework for /u/Uncomfortable to review. Draw a Box is run much like an art school, and he will tell you what you are doing right, what needs working on, and whether you are ready for the next lesson.

If you are like me, you've struggled with finding good homework assignments that inspire you to progress ever further. Draw a Box has been that for me. I hope you will join me on this journey.

DrawaBox group has Irshad Karim's blessing, but he will not be offering crit here as he has his hands full with Draw a Box site and /r/ArtFundamentals. To get crit, go post a link to your work (it can be here) at the lesson page in the Reddit subfolder. Think of this site as being like a study group. :)

DrawaBox's gallery is organized by lesson. Post your work to the correct lesson folder, and be sure to have done the exercise correctly in the required mediums. You don't have to have drawn everything perfectly, but DrawaBox wants to see that you are taking the time to do the exercise as stipulated at Draw a Box. We are serious about improving!

Have fun!!


HEKTOR Mobile Ground Defense by irshadkarim HEKTOR Mobile Ground Defense :iconirshadkarim:irshadkarim 2 0 Drawabox: The Fundamentals of Drawing by irshadkarim Drawabox: The Fundamentals of Drawing :iconirshadkarim:irshadkarim 44 9
Hi!!  I'm Sagittarius.  I've just created this new community for everyone to post their Draw a Box homework, meet each other, share advice, whatever.  Drawing boxes are awesome, but drawing them with friends is even more awesome.

But... I need your help to make this community come alive!!  Yes, you.  So, all of you who are working through Draw a Box, hop on over and start sharing your homework!  Those of you who haven't seen Drawn a Box before and are looking to practice their fundamentals- hop on over to Lesson 1, break out those pens, and get started!!

A note on how the gallery is organized: I've divided the gallery up by lessons.  Your homework for each lesson will be posted in that Lesson's folder so everyone can find it easily. :-) The featured folder is for the really awesome drawings you will be creating after boosting your skills.  Anyone can become a member.  I don't bite, so don't be shy about hitting that join button.

Let's practice our art fundamentals together, and draw some boxes!
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TerraShades Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015
I just found DrawABox today and joined deviantart. I'm about to do lesson one, part one. I wonder if lines count as art. Hm. Glad to see this group is here!
Sagittarius-A-star Featured By Owner Edited Jan 9, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hello and welcome to the Draw a Box bandwagon! :) Looking forward to seeing your work, have fun. Lines count as one subskill of drawing, which is what we do to make art. You'll find that drawing is a complex skill made up of many different skills and sub-skills. When you fail at achieving a certain effect you want, it isn't because you "don't have talent". It is because you are weak in some (or all, lol) of the subskills that make it up. Isolate that skill and practice it, whatever it is. It could be drawing straight lines. It could be the anatomy of the face- maybe you don't know where to put the eyes. Could be boxes. Just practice it.

With a very complex painting, there may be dozens of specific skills going into it. You are looking at perspective, composition, values, anatomy, gesture, etc. and subskills of those fundamentals. And, yeah, stroke control and straight lines and ellipses too. This is why Irshad Karim breaks down his lessons into a series, each building on the skills practiced in the last. Just start and keep going. Once you've built up the foundation skills, you will be able to do some cool stuff with it.

Since you are getting into this a bit later in life, I have one warning- it may have been a while since you did anything you were an an utter beginner at. So don't get discouraged from making bad drawings! It's how you learn. You will get the results you want over time, but only if you practice consistently and do not give up. Check out this guy if you need further encouragement.
BlackMonkeyManga Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015
how long should i do a lesson
Sagittarius-A-star Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Don't worry about how long you spend on a lesson. Just do each exercise the best you can and fill AT LEAST the required number of pages. Feel free to do more. After you've done that, go onto the next lesson, but don't stop practicing! Keep practicing these skills over and over, REPITION IS KEY. Art is just like weightlifting. You won't see amazing results at first, but over time you will build up your skill to a high level. One word of warning- if you are like me, you might get down over perceived lack of progress. Realize that everyone starts out shitty, and you just need to keep practicing to see progress. Sycra has a good discussion of this.

A lot of people talk about how long professional artists practice for, or ask how many hours you should be practicing a day. I think it is best to not worry about that. Just start doing it, try to do a bit more every day, and build up the time you spend drawing. Pro artists practice crazy numbers of hours, but they built up to that, and that is how you'll do it too (if that is what you want). And a smaller amount of FOCUSED practice will push you further than a longer period of unfocused doodling. That said, you do have to practice a lot to become an art ninja. Follow these 5 steps, too, they are good advice (if you can't find life drawing in your area, don't despair, you can use photos and books and maybe a friend will pose for you). :) There are lots of online resources like this/. If you get a chance to draw real people, though, don't miss it!
DalSifoDyas Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015
Hey cool idea :D! I hope people will help each other!
Sagittarius-A-star Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
That's the idea. :) The more people contribute and join the stronger a community we can build here!!
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