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If you are looking for a specific problem but don't want to read through the whole FAQ, press "Ctrl + f" in your browser. This will allow you to search for specific words (like "jitter" or "Paint Tool SAI") in the FAQ.

Got Windows 8? Head over to Jeremy's FAQ for Windows 8! (Note: A fix for Windows 8.1 is now available!) (Note 2: He's not currently troubleshooting. You can read his journal and read comments to see if he's already answered your questions though.)

Got a Tumblr account? Consider asking Morg for help at The Monoprice Messiah!

Searching for: Someone who knows Apple systems and can help Monoprice users on Mac systems!


This FAQ was originally written with Monoprice tablets in mind. Huion, Yiynova, and Ugee have all been making steady strides in the market the last year or so. My FAQ is accurate for all tablets in a GENERAL way, but please use your brain when dealing with driver downloads and pen replacements. I can not possibly know where to get all the different drivers or what pens work with what models!

!!IMPORTANT!! READ BEFORE DOING ANYTHING WITH YOUR TABLET: INSTALL DRIVERS FIRST! Restart computer and then plug in tablet. Lots of problems start when people plug their tablet in before installing the drivers!! If you've accidentally plugged the tablet in first, Windows will force you to use it's generic crummy drivers (which is where 80% of the problems start). To get around this, access the SYSTEM RESTORE in Windows 7 and select a Restore Point that was created before plugging in your tablet. Once you've loaded the Restore Point, install drivers, restart computer, and then plug tablet in. :)

Q[1]: Will I be able to see what's on my monitor in the tablet?

A: This question always surprises me but a lot of people ask this so I might as well answer. NO. This is not a Cintiq. This is more along the lines of a Bamboo or Graphire. For alternatives to Cintiqs, please follow this link. :)

Q[2]: I plugged my tablet in and nothing is working! The computer doesn't recognize the tablet at all.

A: First, if you're using a USB port in the front of your computer, try one in the back. This is just to check and make sure it's not a bad USB port. If this doesn't work, please move onto the next question. Continue down the list until you find something that works.

Q[3]: I'm having a problem with my pen! OR When I use the pen on the tablet, nothing happens!

    1) Pen is not recognized by tablet: Check the pen's batteries. If you just got the tablet, the batteries could be old or dead and need to be replaced. (There is also a plastic see-through casing that needs to be removed before the batteries work.) If you've had the tablet for quite some time, it's likely time to change the battery out for a new one. Be gentle when opening and closing your pen and be aware of "the groove". They're sturdy enough when in one piece, but fragile when taken apart. Check to make sure the connectors are properly touching the battery. If your first attempt doesn't work, try a different brand of battery. (I used some perfectly good Ravoc batteries once and it was only when I replaced them with a different brand did the pen start working. Weird, right?)

!!IMPORTANT!! Never store your pen nib pointing down unless using the holder it came with. This will damage your pen. Use the holder, lay it on it's side, or store it "eraser" side down. If you drop the pen (especially on the nib), you'll break the interior sensor. If you ruin the pen, you'll need to buy a new one. (For Monoprice/UC-Logic tablets, Ugee makes a wonderful replacement pen. It's actually significantly better then the default one. If you're using a Monoprice models 10593 and 10594 (or Huion) get the Huion replacement. Also better than the default.)

    2) Pen has severe jitter problems: (Fix discovered devcr1cr1 ) Go into Tablet Settings. Find "Cordinate", change from Absolute to Relative. Jitter should be gone! 

    3) I changed the battery and now my pen doesn't work! This is usually a result of the metal connectors not properly connecting once the pen is put back together. kijonaia makes this suggestion: "I read that someone had to tap it really hard after every time they changed the battery, which worked [for me]. ... I tapped the bottom of the pen (I tapped it on my desk)."

Q[4]: I did the above and it's still not working...

A: You could have a bad pen, or a bad tablet. Before giving up, move on to the next question! Some problems are driver related, not hardware related.

Q[5]: I lost my CD drivers OR pressure sensitivity doesn't work!

A: Drivers are how tablets get pressure sensitivity. There are two types of drivers you can use, the ones that come with the CD OR the ones that are found HERE by UC-LOGIC. (Alternate link!, old Windows driver.) (If you're having problems downloading the drivers, please go HERE.) Many people have great success with CD Drivers and I recommend installing those first before trying the UC-Logic drivers. Certain Monoprice tablets have the CD drivers for download on Monoprice's website: Model 10594  , Model 10593 , and Model 6814 .

IMPORTANT: UC-LOGIC drivers do not work with models 10594 and 10593! They use HUION specific drivers! koogleblitz was kind enough to point this out to me and goes on further to say, "The Monoprice 10593 and 10594 uses the HUION h610 and h58l drivers. (95% sure on that last one...)"

Please remember to uninstall any old Wacom or "other brand" of tablet drivers before attempting to install Monoprice drivers. Any time you uninstall drivers, even if it's just to switch between CD Drivers to UC-Logic ones, you need to restart. When you've finished installing new drivers, RESTART. Oh, and don't have your tablet plugged in during all this uninstalling/reinstalling debacle. Only plug it in after you've finished the process.

Q[6]: I installed the drivers, but windows still isn't recognizing the tablet! OR Windows keeps installing generic drivers over the UC-Logic ones!

A: This usually means Monoprice's drivers are encountering interference with something on your system. Try the suggestions below, starting with the first and working your way down!

    1) Something people don't often think about is the fact that your Antivirus or Firewall might be mistakenly flagging the tablet driver as a threat. When these programs flag something as a threat to a system, they make sure it can't load. So, the first thing to do is make an "exception" in your Antivirus and Firewall for your tablet drivers. (Each Antivirus/Firewall is different so DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO DO IT. Look it up yourself.) Make sure to restart your computer after making the exception. If this does not work, uninstall your driver, turn off your internet AND your Antivirus/Firewall, restart. Make sure your Antivirus/Firewall is still turned off along with the internet. Install the drivers again. TURN ON your Antivirus/Firewall/Internet, make an exception for the recently installed drivers. Restart.

   2) Turn off Tablet PC Input and/or Flicks. Suggested by stevedelamareGo here to see animation and picture-guided steps! (Says Wacom but applies to all tablets.) 
                       Tablet PC: Go to Control Panel > Tablet PC Settings. Click on the Other tab. On the Other tab, under Tablet PC Input Panel options, click on Go to Input Panel Settings. Disable all the check boxes and select OK.
                       Flicks: Open the Pen and Touch control panel. Click on the Flicks tab. Uncheck the two checkboxes and press OK.
                       RESTART COMPUTER

    3) Disable Driver Verification. There are two methods you can use: 

     Easy Method: [Tip provided by luanfernandes!] Go to your start Start Menu and search for "Devices And Printers", click top result. From here RIGHT click on your computer icon (the icon with the name you gave your computer. Select "Device Installation Settings". Then change your settings to "No, let me choose what to do" and "Never install driver software from Windows Update". Restart your computer.  
    Note: The Easy Method may not work if Windows Drivers are already installed (Windows likes to default to those if they're available). So you might have to uninstall them. Go to point 3, below, to find out how to do that.

    Hard Method: Restart your computer. Begin pressing F8 just before Windows is going to boot (before you see the Windows logo but after the computer boot screen). This should bring you to a new black screen with white text and bunch of options. The bottom option will say something like "disable driver verification". Choose that one and continue loading. Plug in tablet.
    My understanding is this has to be selected EVERY TIME you (re)start your computer. So if you turn your computer off and then back on and your tablet isn't working right, you'll need to restart and Disable Driver Verification again. (However, often disabling verification once is all you need!)

   4) Windows or Wacom HID drivers need to be properly removed. The most straight forward way to uninstall Wacom drivers COMPLETELY from a Windows system can be found HERE. If that doesn't work, move onto the more complicated method below:

(I found this tip at Ray Freden's website.) Unplug all non-essential items from your computer, you want ONLY your Monitor, Speakers, Mouse and Keyboard plugged in. Go to Start Menu, search "Device Manager", click "Device Manger" to open a new Window with a list. Look for "Human Interface Devices". Click on the triangle to expand. The only HIDs you should be seeing in this sub-list are your mouse/keyboard HIDs.
   Plug in your Monoprice tablet, keeping a close eye on the HID list. Windows will refresh and new HIDs will appear on the list. These will either be Window Generic HIDs and/or Wacom HIDs. Double click on them, go to Drivers tab, uninstall. Follow directions. Unplug Tablet. Restart computer. Plug in tablet. 
    If you find the tablet still doesn't work, and Windows is stubbornly installing those generic devil drivers, redo the steps in point 3. After you restart, do not plug the tablet in, UNINSTALL THE MONOPRICE DRIVERS (or USE RESTORE POINT MENTIONED IN POINT 4) and then REINSTALL them again. Restart. As you're booting, FOLLOW POINT 2 AND DISABLE DRIVER VERIFICATION. Plug tablet in. 

    5) Try installing a different driver. You have to make sure the drivers you had installed prior are completely removed from your system. (I recommend using System Restore, since this is the simplest and fastest way to get rid of drivers. You just need to find a point before you installed your Monoprice drivers for the Restore Point to work.) There should not be a shred of a file left from the old drivers if this is going to work! Once every bit of the driver is gone, download and install the latest drivers (refer to Question 5 to make sure you have the newest drivers for your model). Always install drivers WITH YOUR TABLET UNPLUGGED and make sure to RESTART. ~Tip from xargos32

    Annoying Method: Reinstall your Operating System or set it back to the original Factory Settings. (This erases all your current data! BACK ANYTHING IMPORTANT UP.) Generally speaking, with driver issues that won't go away, it almost always comes down to a conflict between a driver or a program. If you do a clean install, update your OS (which you should ALWAYS do on a Windows machine), install your art program, turn off tablet PC settings, and then install the correct driver. Restart. Plug the tablet in. It should now work. Manually make a restore point. Start installing other drivers and software. If your tablet stops working after this, you'll know something you added to your system goofed it up Use your restore point to get back to your "clean" setting. With returning a computer to Factory Settings, you'll want to clear out "bloatware" programs such as preinstalled antivirus programs and brand specific updating programs or anything that auto-starts when you boot up your system or runs in the background. Beyond that, do exactly the same thing as if you'd done a "clean install".

Q[7]: My tablet doesn't draw a straight line. There are spots on my tablet that aren't working or seem "dead".

A: If you're tablet won't draw in a straight line("jumps") or there are spots on the active area that aren't "seeing" the pen, you've got a problem! This *usually* means you got a lemon. That is, it's broken. HOPEFULLY you're still within the 30 warranty period that most websites offer and can get it replaced or return it for your money back. But if not, I'm afraid you're going to have to buy a new one--either the same brand or some other brand. Before you flip your lid and start accusing Monoprice of being crap, remember that even the venerable Wacom has duds. It just happens.

Q[8]: The Tablet does NOT work with [fill in program]!

A: I've personally tested Monoprice tablets with Photoshop CS4, Manga Studio EX4, Manga Studio 5, MyPaint 1.0, Paint Tool SAI, dA Muro, Gimp 2.6 and they all work. Many others have gotten the newer versions of said programs to work as well. So, rest assured, if a program is not working it's because of a driver conflict or a settings conflict, and it can get working again!

The THREE most common FIXES for ANY program compatibility problems are as follows: 

 CHANGE THE TABLET PROPERTIES SETTING. Every program calls their tablet properties something different, so you might have to hunt around. I also can't tell you exactly what to change because that too varies from program to program. Most programs have 2 settings to change between and sometimes X/Y axis stuff. You're looking to change between those first 2 settings, not the axis stuff. Make sure to save/OK setting and restart your program (and maybe your computer too). 

 TURN OFF TABLET INPUT AND FLICKS. To find out how please scroll UP to Question 6, Point 1. Tablet Input and Flicks interfere with Adobe programs and others as well. (Suggested by chelax)

 GET THE 32 BIT VERSION OF THE PROGRAM. Adobe Photoshop, MyPaint, and GIMP 2.8 64bit versions often (but not always!) refuse to work with Monoprice Drivers. The easiest solution is to use the 32 bit versions of these programs (in the past Adobe had both 32bit and 64bit programs on their discs and for free programs you'll have to google around for the download links).

 2) Paint Tool SAI ... In 2014 SYSTEMAX finally updated their software to version 1.2! This is good news and hopefully fixes some of the more well known issues this program has been having. Please update to that version! However, seeing as I strongly suspect many of you got the old version illegally, how about just doing yourself a favor and getting a better program, which is free, legally? Namely, KRITA.

Otherwise, please feel free to use the suggestions below:

                L33sy suggests doing this"....if you search your computer for 'misc.ini' and open it, scroll about a quarter of the way down until you see 'tablet mouse stimulation'. There should be an = 0 next to it and you have to change the '0' to a '1'. Save it and you're done. I'm not sure if this fixes the problem for any other drawing programs though."

                Caninerz found a work around: if you can find the beta (2.0) version of this program it will work flawlessly with the Monoprice tablet. To get the English version of this software, you'll need to already own the English non-Beta version of SAI. Assuming you have Windows 7 64bit and installed the Beta SAI to it's default location, you can follow the below and get a (mostly) English version going:

                Go to: Computer> Local Disc (:C or whatever)> Program Files (x86)> PaintTool SAI English Pack
                Open a new Explorer Window and go to: Computer> Local Disc (:C or whatever)> PaintToolSai

                In the PaintToolSai English Pack you'll see a file called "language.conf". COPY and PASTE this file to the Beta PaintToolSai folder. REMOVE but DO NOT DELETE the file "language_ja.conf" from PaintToolSai folder. When you start the Beta SAI you should now have the program mostly in English. At least in enough English to be usable.

                For Monitor Display Tablets: If you're having problems getting SAI to cooperate with you in Windows, please go to your Display settings and put your main monitor on the TOP and your monitor tablet on the BOTTOM. Apparently SAI doesn't like to work with the monitor set side-by-side but WILL work when it's a top-bottom configuration. (Unintentionally found tip by Key Weist.)

 3) Gimp 2.8 ... SkunkShampoo says that you can get 2.8 working with the 32-bit version! Do a Google search to find that version! 
                      I've also been told that GIMP 2.8.10 should have a patch in it that fixes pressure sensitivity issues. Or is it version 2.10.0? Honestly, I'm not sure. But download the latest GIMP version from and see if that fixes it....

                      If the 32 bit version doesn't work, you could try down grading to version 2.6. If neither of THOSE work, then it's likely you have a driver conflict (in which case go to Question 6 for solutions).

 4) dA Muro ... From Wikihow: "When you first start up the Muro, in the bottom left hand corner you'll see the WACOM logo. Underneath this logo, it will ask you to install the plug-in. This allows you to use the pressure sensitivity along with your tablet and gives you the best performance." Even though it's a Wacom plug-in, it works for Monoprice too.

 5) Adobe Illustrator ... If you haven't tried the common fixes mentioned at the beginning of this Answer, please scroll back up and do them. My understanding is most Illustrator problems can be fixed by tweaking the tablet properties. Another thing you can try is installing Wacom drivers along side your Monoprice ones. SUPPOSEDLY this works, but YMMV because this method also causes driver conflicts.

 6) Adobe Photoshop ... If using 32bit Photoshop doesn't work, try this suggestion from DeviantTed "The [UC-Logic drivers] I chose were "New Dual Screen" (even though I only have one monitor) version 5.02, dated 2013.03.25. These were the ones I chose as a last resort before reading somewhere in a Youtube comment that someone said to use the Pencil tool and not the Brush tool to get the sensitivity to work in PS. After switching to the Pencil tool the pressure sensitivity worked."
                                  Also keep in mind that not all brushes in Photoshop have the pressure sensitivity ability. So before you think your tablet is broken, make sure you've selected a brush that responds to pressure sensitivity. (No I don't know which ones, try some different ones to find out for yourself.)

                                  EeveeFreak has further suggestions: "First, I went and manually selected the driver. I don't know if it had anything to do with getting it to work but I can elaborate if someone needs me to. Anyway, BEFORE you plug in the tablet, make sure photoshop or whatever program you're using is CLOSED. Plug in the tablet and go to the icon tray (bottom right corner of the screen) and select the tablet icon. You might have to hit ok on that window that says "allow changes to the computer," but then it'll come up with the setup menu for the tablet. Click on the pressure tab and run the pressure test (so at least you can verify it's not an issue with the tablet.) Then you can close it and open up photoshop/whatever. The pressure sensitivity should work. You'll have to run the setup every time you plug in the tablet, but it takes like 10 seconds and it's much less frustrating than trying to keep windows from installing the stupid generic driver (which I've never been able to accomplish anyway). As my dad explained it to me: which driver is loaded depends on which program is opened first. By running the built-in tablet setup window first, it ensures the proper driver is loaded for the device." For further questions about this process, please ask EveeFreak by replying to their original comment!

 7) MyPaint ... now has pressure sensitivity due to the noble efforts of one solitary DEV named TumaGonx (seriously, this is the only guy working on the Windows port!) and you can find the links for getting the patched HERE.

Q[9]: What Operating Systems does this tablet work on?

A: It officially supports XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSX. Many people who use this tablet with the Mac praise the drivers, saying they're often better than what Wacom churns out. (That surprised me, and I can't verify the claim personally but thought it was worth mentioning.) Unofficially, I've heard varying reports about it working on Linux. I think it depends entirely on what "flavor" of Linux you're using.

UC-Logic added Windows 8 support in December of 2012. Technically, Windows 8 SHOULD work with these tablets. However, I imagine the problems I've run into with Windows 7 will carry over to Windows 8 for some people. The down side is I don't own a Windows 8 PC, so trouble shooting for a Win8 will be tricky. (Microsoft changed around names and how you get to certain things within the system.)

Q[10]: What's the main differences between Monoprice tablets and Wacom tablets?

Monoprice are "active tablets"… so they use batteries with pens (that have no eraser). They have more resolution and pen sensitivity than past or current gen Wacom Bamboos, but less than Intuo 3, 4, of 5. There is no "touch" or "tilt" abilities with Monoprice tablets. Monoprice tablets are re-badged UC-Logic tablets (a Chinese company that makes tablets for various companies world wide).

Q[11]: Are Monoprice tablets a good cheap replacement for my old Wacom tablet?

A: Yes. If you own a Graphire, Bamboo Fun, or Intuo 2 this will be a great upgrade. If your Intuos3 broke or you need a USB compatible tablet, Monoprice tablet is a cheap replacement to keep around until you can afford something better. (Intuos3 have better Resolution than Monoprice Tablets.) Interestingly, some people prefer these tablets over more recently Intuos4/5... while it lacks the tilt function, it apparently makes up for it in line fidelity and things..

Q[12]: I'm nervous about a battery powered pen. Won't that be heavy? Will I have to replace the battery often?

A: They aren't heavy. I have an ink pen I use at work that's heavier than a Monoprice pen. However, they are slightly heavier than Wacom pens. You'll have to try it to know for sure if this will bother you or not.

If you're afraid of a monthly battery change, don't be. These pens use very very little electricity. How often you change it will depend entirely on 1) how often you use the pen and 2) what kind of battery you put in the pen. Some batteries work better on small low-electrical use items like this pen than others. Professionals (who draw every day for several hours a day) change out the battery every few months month. Those who draw less frequently--but still a lot--don't change out batteries for 6 months or more.

One thing to keep in mind is that your pen will start acting weird (and by proxy your tablet will too) when the batteries in your pen start to die. So if, around 6 months into owning the tablet, it starts acting odd the first thing you should do is change the pen batteries! :)

Q[13]: What about quality? Are Monoprice tablets as well built as Wacom tablets? Will they last?

A: If you get a good unit, it works perfectly and it does last. However, I think the chances of getting a lemon are a little bit higher than with Wacom (though I've got no proof for that). Basically, quality consistency is a problem with these tablets.... just from batch to batch you'll find it varies greatly. (So you'll have a bunch of people buy from one batch and have almost no problems and then the next batch people could make lemonade with all the lemons they're getting.) This is why WHERE YOU BUY MATTERS! or has a great return/exchange policy and I recommend getting from there. Once again, if you get a good unit, you shouldn't have any problems and it ought to last as long as a Wacom tablet would. 

I was a little concerned about the drivers for these tablets initially. A lot of "no brand" tablets struggle with--not just the quality of the drivers--but also keeping the drivers up-to-date. However, UC-LOGIC (true manufacturer of Monoprice Tablets) has done a surprisingly good job keeping their drivers up-to-date. This isn't to say they're perfect (because what drivers are?) but that the fact that UC-LOGIC continues to update them, several years after the tablets release, bodes well for the future.

Q[14]: Where can I buy Monoprice replacement nibs?

For less than a buck you can get 10 new nibs! Super thrifty AND nifty! :)

Q[15]: My tablet was working just fine but suddenly stopped working! It's still getting power and light turns on when pen touches tablet....

A solution suggested by LastObjective is:
"You can regain functionality of your tablet by using System Restore. You can access System Restore by going to Start > Search "System Restore", which will open up a new window. On the Restore Point page, check "Show more restore points" and chose a date from before you first installed the tablet. The computer will remove all drivers installed between then and the present, including Monoprice's driver and any drivers that might be conflicting with it.
Reinstall the driver after the System Restore has taken place (if you have Norton, make sure that it is disabled during the System Restore process), and restart the computer. My tablet worked fine after that.
Here is the process to do a system restore for Windows 7."

Q[16]: Should the light always be on when the tablet is plugged in?

A: No. The little light (near the top of the board) only turns on when you use your pen. Some models don't even have a light so it's not an issue. I've heard of models that do have lights, not working correctly. So, basically, the light doesn't matter really. It's more about how the tablet functions with your programs. :)

Q[17]: I use a monitor tablet (such as Yiynova MSP19U, Monoprice 19-inch Interactive Pen Display, or Huion GT-190) and I can not extend display, only mirror it. How do I extend display?

A: Musouhinotori gives this suggestion: 

1.) Basically, with your computer you set it to "Extend" and make sure the resolution is the highest. (I would recommend this so the computer/laptop screen matches the tablet.) Then there's the little icon for the pen itself. (The blue square with the pen on it.)
2.) Click that and go to "Monitor Setting". It says "Monitor Mapping" below "Monitor Settings". This lets the pen appear on which monitor you want the mouse arrow to appear on. 

3.) Set it to "Monitor 2" and "Apply" and Ok! There you go!

Q[18]: Every time I use my tablet, the cursor is stuck in the upper right/left corner!

This is happening either because the driver didn't load correctly when Windows started up or because there is a driver conflict due to a recent Windows update or hardware driver update. For the first, the easiest thing to do is simply to restart your computer. You might have to try more than once before the drivers "stick". If restarting doesn't fix the problem try using a Restore Point from PRIOR to when the problem started (this usually fixes conflicts between drivers and Windows Updates). If both those option don't work, please refer to Question 6 farther up for further suggestions. Follow all the suggestions mentioned there. Beyond this, I honestly don't know what could be causing the problem.

Q[19]: My monitor tablet (Monoprice 19-inch Interactive Pen Display, or Huion GT-190) isn't registering pressure sensitivity! I've followed your advice on drivers and nothing is working, help!

Kaida-Hirschel gives this advice:  " can post in your guide to anyone installing a monitor to try these steps:
1) don't plug in any part of the monitor
2) install drivers
3) while still using your old monitor, plug in the USB part of the tablet monitor and turn on the power to it (don't use the screen yet, the point is to use the tablet monitor as just a tablet)
4) double check all drivers are working the way you want them to, if they aren't: unplug, uninstall, restart, reinstall or install different drivers, restart, plug in USB, etc until they do
5) unplug old monitor
6) plug in tablet monitor's DVI or VGA
7) profit"


Please make sure to follow ALL the answers before asking for help! Even if the Question doesn't seem related to your specific problem, it's a good idea to rule out everything you can before putting anything in the comments. I've noticed a lot of problems people have are related to Windows Tablet PC Input and/or automatically installed Generic Drivers (Q6).

It's rare but sometimes a pen or the tablet is bad. Contact the Reseller and request an exchange if none of the above work and I can't help you solve the problem. It's very important to get as much troubleshooting for drivers out of the way early on so you don't miss your Warranty Window.

Don't forget to check out these other reviews! :)

Written Reviews: 
Sarah's Review (For Mac too!)
DTPublish Review (for the 8 x 6)
Finni Chang's Review (Not Entirely Positive)

On Youtube:

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TheGamer675's avatar
I just bought a Monoprice 10 x 6.25 graphics tablet and Gimp does not have pressure sensitivity.
Do not tell people to activate a system restore just to revert a driver... uninstall it in device manager...
DisPonyGurlTho's avatar
I have a Monoprice 12 x 9..

When i plug it it, it shows no response and the green light blinks constantly, it wont register the pen and i cant use the mouse with it. Ive had if for a few months now and no problem has occurred with it until recently. Any help is appreciated.

Please And Thank You~
owlapin's avatar
Just wanted to comment and say thank you so much for this guide haha...
Zoroku's avatar
I am using Ugee M1000L but something is wrong with my cursor.
Jou-La-atrocite's avatar
I just lost my usb cable for my Monoprice 10707. I tried to replace it with the same looking cable from BestBuy (said it was a sync cable, male to male usb) but it's not working. Has anyone else had this happen and find a replacement? I contacted Monoprice and I'm waiting for a response, but I'm not very hopeful because they discontinued my device last December. Otherwise it's been working well for me, even on Windows 10.
b-o-r-z-o-i-i's avatar
The solution that made my Monoprice to work in SAI was,, plugging in the tablet before turning the computer on**, right click the driver icon(you should create a desktop icon when you download any driver) and run it as Administrator!! Then check the box in the bottom right corner that says "Support Tablet PC". Something that may also help is going into SAI's folder and finding the "misc" text file. Find "TabletMouseSimulation" and set it to 1.
I had the legal version of SAI on my old Windows 7 computer but I downloaded a better pirated version onto this new Win10 computer so I can assure you that some pirated versions DO work(but many of them are crap... just gotta find one that works for you). So yes it is possible to get Monoprice tablets to work on Win10 despite what you may hear people saying c:

**you should also try plugging the tablet in right before running the driver as administrator, its different for everyone

the only problem I'm having now is pressure sensitivity, but that was expected since I JUST got a new pen... it worked perfectly with my old pen, so obviously there is a way to fix it with the new one, I just haven't found a solution that works yet ;v; it seems like some monoprice products are better than others at random so if you ever get a bad product just write a bad review on their site and they will help you. You can probably return it and get a new one!! ;; If you want a tablet that works RIGHT out of the box without spending hours figuring stuff out, go for a more expensive brand. But I like Monoprice better even if it can be frustrating at times. So don't listen to people saying the company is crap- you're only paying $50 for a tablet, you cant expect it to come problem-free lol
SlugBurger's avatar
Hello Im having a bit of a problem with my tablet. It was lagging horribly a few days ago so I did a sweep of my computer and updated to the new drivers that you suggested. (those new drivers fixed most of my lag so thank you for that! :) )
There is still a bit of lag left, enough so that I notice it and it slows down my drawing....
I really dont know what to do with this now... its driving me up the wall! (part of my frustration is probably that I have been messing with this for quite a few hours now and I am tired! lol)

it doesnt start lagging till I turn on paint tool sai and try to start drawing with it.
I have windows 7 and the model 10594

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it!
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Im having a hard time getting my new Monoprice 22" pen tablet display to use pressure sensitivity properly. I don't understand the problem. When i use the test app that came with it everything works fine. i can see my pressure feedback is working right and the calibration is fine and everything but when i use any program to draw i randomly get right clicks or panning or zooming in or out. something seriously goofy going on here. if i don't use pressure sensitivity everything seems to be fine. i cant really even find out a whole lot about this thing. Similar display tablets pop up in searches but alot of them seem to be completely different models. For instance some models that dont have hdmi and others that come with a rechargeable pen. where mine actually has a pen that never needs to be charged and has the hdmi. there is no model number on this thing. I don't know what to do. The thing shipped with no paper work in the box. No user manual of any kind on the driver disc. Its just impossible to learn anything about this thing.

edit: Im using windows 7 ultimate
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I never expect the answer for my Pen problem would be in DA (LOL) But i have to admit.. my Ugee pen started twitching/spasming/jitter like crazy! I guess it must have something to do with the pen mechanics that got damaged :(
The problem I am having with mine is that the tablet board itself is just dark.  It is connected, pen works, everything fine, but the tablet screen has never lit up even once.  Is this an automatic thing that should happen?  It's as if a desktop computer is on but the monitor button hasn't been pushed.  Where is the button???  Help!
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I can't help you if you don't tell me the specifics: 
What brand of tablet are you using?
What is the model?
What Operating System are using? (Windows 7, Windows 8, etc)
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The image isnt showing up on the tablet screen, only  on the computer, and i dont know how to fix it pls help ^^
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I can't help you if you don't tell me the specifics: 
What brand of tablet are you using?
What is the model?
What Operating System are using? (Windows 7, Windows 8, etc)
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alright here's the thing i've gotten my hands on a ugee2150 and over the past 3-4 days been searching the internet for a way to make it work ,as the newest drivers all suck it will crash your drivers after installing them, they 100% crash after 5-10mins of use , through my painful searching of the internet i found that many of the drivers are similar among the cintiq alternatives  (Huion/Ugee/YiYnova   etc etc )  so the......

go to
download ------------>              MSP19U/MSP19U+/MVP22U+IPS Tablet Driver (for Windows 32/64bit)         Windows XP/Vista/7/8  2013-06-26             V5.02f    ( i tried this and it worked for me u should try others if this doesn't work for you)
uninstall the drivers that were making the pen display crashing reboot and install this driver and PROBLEM Solved !!!
been running it for the past 2 hours and it hasn't crashed yet and the pressure sensitively is still up and running !!!!!

i hope this will help all would be buyers of a cintiq alternative fix their constant driver crashes  

I hope this will help any future buyers to solve their problem of the constant drivers crashing problem .

Good Luck and happy drawing~
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Using 5.02f is the only driver set I could get to work with Windows 10 as well. I don't really understand why, as the version 8 drivers should have worked. Hopefully they iron out the bugs in the newer drivers soon...
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So... I just started working somewhere that sometimes needs pictures edited. Everyone uses a mouse. Of course I'm not insane so I brought my monoprice tablet to work to hook up to their mac. Installed the drivers and was having all kinds of issues..... It's been a week of me struggling with this, and that tidbit about the huion drivers? That saved my life. I have the model 10593 and the h58l drivers work perfectly - like nothing was every wrong. Thank you for saving me from using a mouse to make lasso selections..............
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Hello! I have a question you might be able to help with?

I have a monoprice tablet, except always used the replacement pen available [since i originally broke the first one they give you lol]
anyway, the replacement pen broke, so I bought a new one
however the settings aren't syncing over?
so the broken one works fine pressure wise [since I literally tapped it back together, part of the plastic broke]
but the new one isn't listening to any pressure settings I already have set up

I even uninstalled and reinstalled all the drivers and whatnot to reset it all
but they're still different D:
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Hello and thank you for this lovely guide! I've been having trouble with my tablet (model 10594), and instead of doing the smart thing and Googling a solution I uninstalled everything and tried reinstalling to no avail. I have since lost my install disc and I'm pretty lost! What do I install off the website, the drivers, the distribution disc, or both? There are also 3 Windows drivers listed on the product page, which one do I use? Here's the link to the store page-… Thanks in advance!
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Update- I can successfully install the tablet drivers, and the tablet will work wonderfully... for about 20 seconds. Then the tablet won't respond to the pen, and I'll get a pop-up on my task bar saying the USB device can't be recognized. Sometimes when I unplug the USB and then plug it back in it will work again, only to stop after about 30 seconds. I've replaced my pen battery very recently, I know that's not the issue. Another hiccup is that I tried my tablet on my other PC and it worked flawlessly. Both PCs are Windows 7. Any suggestions?
Monoprice is crap. Almost everything in the box was broken or is currently breaking. I've tried EVERYTHING to get the pen pressure to work and nothing. I heard they were easier to draw with because my old Wacom Bamboo is impossible to draw with. The drivers shut down the computer for 5 hours. Honestly just so cheaply made and a wreck. Maybe tablets just hate me but I do not recommend this or the Wacom Bamboo. Waste of time, effort, and money.
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I'd recommend a Wacom Intuos. I've been using mine for two years and I love it.
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My husband uses the Monoprice 12x9, which we bought in 2012, and it still working like a champ. It's possible quality control has gotten worse since then, I don't know. I generally suggest people buy Huion or Ugee tablets anyway, since they have higher specs and better driver support.
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I'm having a rather strange issue actually... 
My monoprice plugs in fine, drivers in via included disc and all that, and when I'm navigating the net or the computer itself the tablet works just like it should, all mouse like. However, as soon as I open a drawing program (My preference being SAI) the tablet completely stops responding until I tab out of the program. It honestly acts like the tablet isn't plugged in until I mouse out of the window, minimize it, or just do something else. Help?
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