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Gallery Folders

My Kitty Always Gets In The Photo by lemgras330
win me by kavouranny
Mushroom by acjub
Waiting By The Doc by lemgras330
Audrey Stock 1 by Cassy-Blue
Stock-Photo [172] by Model-Salvaje
Pear composition by szorny-stock
Algernon by SunnySanki
Looking for treasures by Adniv
WIP Sea Shells by Adniv
Draw Along WIP by acjub
Blue wip3 by Adniv
Critique Requested
Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes by KW-Scott
Help Needed
Draw Along wip1 help? by Spydi-mel
WiP 2 Battle Sister Eden by Kalgoras
Kelly eden Draw along by KaaronTurtle
June 2011 - Kelly Eden
Kelly Eden by Yorphine
Kelly Eden by Chrispastel
Pink Paradise by pbird12
Kelly Eden by Spydi-mel
July 2011 :- bedo92000
Fragile Beauty by Art2Sacrifice
Butterfly Magic by zakkiya29
Beauty of Fantasy by Delinlea
Butterfly Fairies by SvenjaLiv
August 2011 :- FuzzyYak
Mr. Good looking by Visualiart
mike by Rosebud1979
Depth in blue by GokkiVanGogh
draw along by Abby1111
September 2011 :- The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus
Imaginarium - Draw Along by Visualiart
IMAGINARIUM - Draw Along by pbird12
Imaginarium Of Doctor Octopus by zakkiya29
Imaginarium by Sinima
October 2011 :- Furtivelungs
Thy Fate by RighteousVampire
Behind blue eyes by pafmaster
Lay-D by garfildus
Bless the Fall, DrawAlong by GokkiVanGogh
Other montly ref artworks
Susie by marylizabetha
November 2011:- sekhmet-stock
Lemur by Elluwah
November 2011 :- KayleighJune
Became Undone by artpearl
Christmas :- 2011
Candles 2 by diana-0421
January 2012 :- Senju-HiMe
.:Uvas:. by ArteDB
January 2012 :- Bird
Bluebird by ArtbyRonine
February 2012 - Flower Tea
Taste of Spring by Azalea2010
March 2012 :- pandora-gold-stock
Friendly hand by cloudmilk
Puppy Love .:stamp:. by strryeyedreamr27
APRIL 2012 - Mushroom
Amidst The Fairy Ring by ArtbyRonine
May 2012 - Elandria
Amidst The Fairy Ring by ArtbyRonine
June 2012 Katya
Katya in graphite by markstewart
July 2012 Rafaxx
Bird by Sinima
August 2012 Statue
Escape by mollus
Sept 2012 Diamoneyes Olivia
Vanishing - Ballpoint pen by Q-Le
October 2012 ... Mermaid
Of Seahorses and Mermaids  in watercolor by SeaSpryte
Halloween Contest
Skull Love by pbird12
November 2012 ... Skull
Skull Beauty by ArtbyRonine
December 2012 ... Snow
A Winter Tale by SvenjaLiv
Blue by Adniv
February 2013 Cat
Cat by JustABeautifulDream
Red Ballet Shoes
Obsession by mollus
Lady Butterfly by cu-kid
May 2013 EYE
Watercolour Eye by ScrawlTheatre
JUNE 2013 - la-esmeralda
La-Esmeralda by SlimeAttackk
Would you like a ... Cookie?! by Joanna-Vu
August 2013 Dolphin
Flipper by marylizabetha
Sept 2013 anastaysia
Midnight Fairies by cu-kid
GretaTu ... November 2013
On Arrakis by cu-kid
December 2013 Sleigh
Jan 2014 - Cute Owl
Little Owl by Adniv
Feb 2014 - 1st Grape-stock
Vesna by ArtbyRonine
March 2014 - Frog
MMXIV.VI.XXX. by zoltanszego
April 2014 - sed-rah-stock
Cherry Blossoms by SvenjaLiv
Black-rose-stock MAY 2014
Love songs by Cindy-R
June 2014 Sunset
Pink sunset by diana-0421
July 2014 Faestock
Fairest by JoannaMoory
August 2014 NastiaOsipovaStock
Summer is gone by Joanna-Vu
September 2014 butterfly
Don't Fly Away - Draw-Along September by Richard-M-Williams
October 2014 Water drop
MMXIV.X.XXXI. by zoltanszego
November 2014 Dance
Flower Dance by ArtbyRonine
December 2014 Winter stock
Winter by SquirrelGirl15
January 2015 coffee landscape
Coffee Draw Along by African-Amber
February 2015 Bad Breath
Ballpoint Bears by Cindy-R
March 2015 Jaguar
20 Minute Jaguar (Draw Along) by rj700
April 2015 Sightless 20 minute challenge
Sightless -20min challenge- by Si3art
April 2015 Sightless
Void by Joanna-Vu
May 2015 Angel - 20 min challenge
Angel Stock Use - 20min by BeckyDIllustrations
May 2015 Angle - untimed
We all need a safe place to land by whimandwonder
June 2015 Jellyfish
Jellies by RubyRyn
July 2015 Seaturtle 20 min
Seaturtle by Cindy-R
July 2015 Seaturtle Untimed
DA: Sea Turtle by scheherazadenerai
August 2015 The Keys
Wicked by ArtbyRonine
September 2015 Cat - untimed
White Cat by philippeL
September 2015 Cat - 20 min
Kitty sketch by SquirrelGirl15
October 2015 Pumpkin and Girl
It's Still Too Small! ~  Draw Along by lemgras330
October 2015 Pumpkin and girl - 20 min
Sketch 33 - 20 minute challenge by sweetpie2
November 2015 Barn Owl
DA: Barn Owl by scheherazadenerai
November 2015 Barn Owl - 20 min
Owl (20 Min) by ArtbyRonine
December 2015 Christmas
Merry Christmas Grandma by lemgras330
Janyary 2016 Cardinal bird - untimed
Cardinal by ArtbyRonine
January 2016 Cardinal bird - 20min
February 2016 Fyta - untimed
Thinking Of You by lemgras330
February 2016 Fyta - 20min
March 2016 Skull - untimed
Susie Scraps by marylizabetha
March 2016 Skull - 20 min
Skull Nr.2 by Wandlerin
April 2016 Fox - untimed
April 2016 Fox - 20 min
May 2016 Pomegranate
June 2016 - Parent Trap
Lindsay Lohan- The Parent Trap by lemgras330
July 2016 - Water lily
Water Lily by Anary
August and September 2016 - Algernon
Algernon x2 by Wandlerin
October 2016 - Leaf print
November 2016 - Owl
Beautiful Owl by Ahau2
December 2016 - Winter Love
January 2017 - Eye
Looking Thru by lemgras330
February 2017 - Rose
Rose by NatalieLizzie
March and April 2017 - Bumblebee
Insect Breakfast by lemgras330
May 2017 - Pears
At The Window by lemgras330
July 2017 - Shell
My Underwater World by lemgras330
August 2017 - Tiger
Mommy On Watch by lemgras330
September 2017 - Salvaje
Waiting By The Doc by lemgras330
October 2017 - Mushrooms
glowing winter's mushrooms by kavouranny
November 2017 - Flytrap
win me by kavouranny
December 2017 - Winter
My Kitty Always Gets In The Photo by lemgras330

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Group Info

Info and Rules

About Draw-Along

This is a group with a difference!! We don't take general submissions, only submissions that are interpretations of the Draw-Along references provided by the group. This is an opportunity to get to know other artists on dA; to take your creativity forward and put your own stamp on the monthly reference and it's also a place to learn, you can ask for critique or for help from the others taking part and most of all HAVE SOME FUN!!!!
Every month we will upload a reference picture which will be the reference of the month ... all members can choose to draw it, if you want to, of course (so no original characters please!! )
Members are more than welcome to suggest reference pictures that they would like to see appear as the reference of the month, either from the internet or from dA. We will obtain permission from any artists before posting a reference, so this wont be a problem for anyone taking part (although there are a few rules that need to be followed below).

Crediting the reference artist

1. Once you have finished your drawing, please credit the original artist in your artist's comments section with a thumbnail of their picture and a link to their gallery.
2. Personally thank the original artist via note and/or comment with a link or thumbnail of your drawing.
3. Please submit to the correct folder, it will be clearly named.
4. 2 submissions per day (at the moment ).
5. No digital art (see info and rules)
6. NO PHOTO MANIPS (copyright issues are serious!!)

How to Join

:bulletred: Q: How do I join the club?
:pointr: A: Just click the "Join Our Group" button on our front page.
We'll give your gallery a look over just to make sure you have traditional art in there - if you have, your application will be accepted automatically. If you have no traditional art in your gallery, then you'll need to let us know if you still want to join - there's an option to send us a note as you apply to join, which is ideal for this. When your application is accepted, you'll be notified in your message centre and sent an introductory comment from the club.
Please remember there is also the option just to watch the group if you don’t want to actively participate :nod:

We would be really grateful if any of you might display our icon in your journal or our link in your comment signature - it's not a requirement, but it would be really helpful if you could help spread the word about us! You could also add us to the "Groups" widget that you can add to your front page that will show our icon. Here's how to do all these things we’re asking of you:-

:bulletred: Q: How do I add the icon to my journal?
:pointr: A: Just type : icondraw-along : (with the colons but without the spaces) into your journal.

:bulletred: Q: How do I add the link to my signature?
:pointr: A: Go to Account Tools :pointr: Edit Settings :pointr: Identity, and type : devdraw-along : (with the colons but without the spaces) into the box under "Comment Signature".

:bulletred: Q: How do I use the Groups widget on my front page?
:pointr: A: Go to "Edit Page" on your front page (top right-hand corner) and select the Groups widget from the list.

:bulletred: How do I submit art to the club?

:pointr: Click the "Contribute Art" button on our front page, and select your submission to the current monthly gallery folder. (Please make sure that you submit to the correct folder.)
The submissions limit is currently 2 deviations per day.

Submission Rules

The standard of artwork accepted into the gallery will never be judged on ability level, we welcome all abilities here. We shall never, ever discriminate due to the level of skill of the artist- however, we will only take work that is presented in the best possible way.
We ask that you submit a good clear image showing your artwork only (no ragged paper edges or family members in the background please).
We also ask that you don’t submit sketches, by this we mean a quick 15 minute drawing. This group is about producing your interpretation of another artists reference. If they are good enough to allow us to draw their art, it is only fair that the reproductions have been given though and effort has been put in.
We also ask that drawings are done on plain paper, no lined or squared paper will be accepted. Neither will paper with coffee cup rings and chocolate smears on. Your work must be well presented.
Any submission that contain digital elements will be automatically rejected, NO digital enhancements of any kind are allowed. You may alter the brightness and contrast to correct any photography/scan changes, but nothing more.

If you won in the poll your drawing from the following month can't get into the poll. The month after that it will be included again.
In case you submit more than one drawing please write in your artists comment which one you want to have in the poll, or even better, note us about it. If you won't tell us in one of these ways which one you want to have included we will take the first one you submitted.

Please Note
We all know that things can go wrong or don’t always make sense ( language barriers etc), so if you think something is not working or could be done better, send us a group note or mail one of the founders and we'll take a look at it for you :nod:
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May 11, 2011


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Hello everyone,

I hope there are still a few of you left.

After not logging in on here for a while I realized that there is still the winner for the December challenge left to announce. Shame on me.

The winner is :iconlemgras330: with My Kitty Always Gets In The Photo by lemgras330
Congrats and thank you for joining in! :hug:
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