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Woolly Dragons are an open species WoollyDragons 
you are able to make one of your own so long as you follow the rules~

(will add more if needed or ask questions)

~Bullet; Blue About Woolly DragonsBullet; Blue ~

Woolly Dragons are sweet medium sized dragons, they live in open planes grazing and living a simple life!
They are very similar to a alpaca or sheep, living there life in herds or on there own if they prefer. 
Spending there lives gathering items/shiny stuff or playing and running in the valley. 

~Bullet; Green Where they LiveBullet; Green ~
Woolly Dragons prefer to live in wide open grass plains where is a close water source. Some like open forests where there are fruit trees and nuts growing.
Though Woolly Dragons do not live in or on mountains!

~Bullet; Yellow What they eatBullet; Yellow ~
Their diets consist of Fruits, nuts, grass, leaves any other variety of vegetation that isn't poisonous or thorny.
They can eat larger insects for other nutrition and lick salt rocks for minerals to help balance there diets.

~Bullet; Orange BehaviorsBullet; Orange ~
- Woolly Dragons are sweet creatures, they are gentle and are not aggressive!
but they can be defensive with there young and partners.

-There wool sheds in large clumps but never leaves bold spots. The wool that drops is used by people and animals alike as nest or clothes, there wool is known to be the softest in the world! and is very nice for bed quilts or nest for animals.

- Live in herds with up to 20 or more other woolly Dragons
Some may prefer not to live in a herd.

~Bullet; Red Mates/YoungBullet; Red ~
Woolly Dragons can choose a mate and can breed with there own kind or other dragons! 
They can have 1-3 bubs at a time and are born as eggs.

~Bullet; Purple anatomy and traitsBullet; Purple ~

- Colors The mane of the Woolly Dragon is always a natural color, meaning no fancy rainbows, reds, blues, greens or anything bright and vibrant! But you are able to have browns,blacks whites and waaaayyy more! Patterns are allowed in the wool as well, this can be lighter or darker in color.
The body can be any color with any patterns! 

- Wool/Manes the Woolly Dragons mane is all ways fluffy/woolly, covering there face and neck area, this is not limited to the rest of the body! They always have something in there wool, for example: Feathers, Gems, Leaves, candy! really anything :D (Big Grin) 
These items are always the same color as the eyes and can vary in shades of lighter to darker or have flakes of other colors!

- Tail Woolly Dragons tails are always super fluffy and can be any size! example: Small, Medium, Large and any shape so long as they are fluffy and woolly!

- Body Bodies can be lean and noodly or short and lean, these creatures are not big buff beast like larger dragon species.
their legs are more often longer, with the front legs being thinker and the back being thinner. 
Ears are always long and dragon like with or without fluff on the inside. 

- Horns Horns can very in any shape or size anywhere on the body, but are always on the head!

- Wings They do not have wings, since they are gentle harmless creatures they have no need for wings.

~Woolly Dragon Examples~

Untitled By Drathemeir-dbzx7q9 by DrathemeirHoney by Drathemeir
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