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Name: Fengrins 

Subspecies: No (haven't made a lore for them) if you want my supspecies let me know they are just a bird like species!

Subspecies of: ~~~~~

Location: Mountains, caves and forests 

Is this species located within a premade location (for another species): No

Is this territory friendly to other species/other species live there: yes and also no (depends if they are a pray/food to the species) otherwise yes!

Location Name: Fen Kingdom

[Water and position]

Is the Territory touching Ocean: NOPE (fengrins would drown)

Location preference: I think northern sounds nice otherwise somewhere harder to get to or not as close to other territories.

Is there any specific things needed: maybe a mine for fengrins to go digging for gems and ores


Map provided: not very good at maps so i hope this works!

Untitled by DrathemeirI hope this map works i'm not to good at drawing them but i also left some help keys on the side to provide info to what is what!

[References MUST HAVE Side image drawn / Front image drawn / Above object image drawn / and any side with variation. Must have color and patterns/texture/or write material used]

References List:

Fengrins do not live do not live in houses they live in caves or by trees
they build there own caves so :P in a way instead of houses you could be able to wonder up to a cave entrance to interactive with the species.

Specific items for territory: mountians, dense forests furs for nests lots of rocky areas and very small water sources (small not so deep rivers)

Map requirements:

ONLY your land. Nothing surrounding. I will piece all of the territories made into one big continent.

Mark housing locations (generic drawing of a house works ;) (Wink) )

Mark any specific features you want as described above

THE NAME OF THE AREA~ Kingdom of the Fens or Territory of the Fens 

[Please provide as many drawings/ references as you can/want of housing/towns/layouts etc. here. All links must be to DA images.]

Requirements: at least 2 house types~ fengrins can live in the caves or make nest under thick trees so rain doesn't get them. have as many homes/nest as you feel necessary! 

[Optionals: mix of maple, oak/acorn and birch forests! very tall trees! 

Town layout requirements:

within the mountain range players can trade with fengrins for ores and gems also herbs and medicines (all natural roots and remedies)
only by the X marked area as fengrins are pretty territorial!  

MARK VENDOR LOCATIONS WITH   [X]  AND NAME OF PROFESSION~ Ore/medical/fur trade location!!!!
if you feel there isnt enough in the area i can see about adding more :D

If any more characters are needed please let me know ill try to make more to add (don't want to use other peoples fengrins only my own)

Character Name: Laputa

Sex: Royal Female

Species Name: Fengrin (royal)

Job/Profession/Role: Female leader of the fengrins

Vendor: no (just provides information about the land and history or anything you find important)

Hostile to Player: only hostile if you attack or threaten but otherwise no 

Part of Questing/Conflict in game: can be if needed 

Family/Friends/Enemies: her mate the other royal 

Height: uuuhmmm im not sure in inchest but 3-4 times the size of a 5"8/average height human
and are much larger then none royal fengrins

Age: Fengrins live to 100-150 years so id say shes about 50-60 years

Location: in or around the royals dens

Laputa only have side view but is pretty much exactly the same on both sides!

Character Name: Lucifer

Sex: Royal male

Species Name: Fengrin

Job/Profession/Role: Leader 

Vendor: No

Hostile to Player: is a bit hot tempered and grumpy so easily upset but is other wise only hostile if attacked

Part of Questing/Conflict in game: Yes (if any battles/fights happen he is first to jump in) also provides good battle tactics and fighting also provides good history!

Family/Friends/Enemies: Mate is Laputa 

Height: still bad with size but a bit bigger then laputa so about 4 average height people! (5"8 person)

Age: 60-65

Location: by his mate or by the river near the royal dens

same as laputa only side view but is pretty much the same on all sides! Lucifer

Character Name: Eden

Sex: none royal male

Species Name: Fengrin

Job/Profession/Role: Blacksmith, trader and hunter!

Vendor: Yes Provides good trades and sales (trades for shiny objects of any kind) shells, rocks, gems,gold, silver or anything really shiny!
Sells/Trades: furs, bones, gems, metals or ores, can craft Armour but not weapons. fengrins are known for there best quality armors (as they are covered in it) this character can repair and clean Armour as well as upgrade it (cannot enchant or use potions)

All fengrins need in trade is shiny stuff (money is of no value unless its gold or silver) and is often of equal value to the items you want! so ruby for equal gem quality for example he would trade a ruby for: sapphire emeralds maybe small diamonds or lots of common gems!

Hostile to Player: no not at all hes a sweet beast 

Part of Questing/Conflict in game: yes ( trades a needed item in the game) only if you want him to!

Family/Friends/Enemies: friends are the leaders and Rora 

Height: hes a smaller male so about 2 and a half people tall (average human 5"8)

Age: 20-30 younger male learning his trade

Location: on the X mark on the map he likes to hang around his nesy by the mines or at the mines selling/trading items.

Reference: Same as laputa and lucifer only side views
Character pretty much same on all sides!

Character Name: Rora

Sex: none royal female

Species Name: Fengrin

Job/Profession/Role: enchanter/medical fen

Vendor: yes!

Sells: provides medical herbs and roots for wounds (just natural remedies, but can make potions if needed due to her magical legendary ability) 
also can do minor to medium quality enchantments on Armour and weapons (weapons/Armour must have a gem engraved as a conductor for magical infusion) gems can be provided/upgraded into weapons and tools by Eden (if you cant afford it rora will provide a ruby/emerald in trade for a sapphire to put in the tools/weapon you need it)

Hostile to Player: no 

Part of Questing/Conflict in game: no but does help you become stronger (unless player is required to enchant weapons then yes she can be apart of the quests!)

Family/Friends/Enemies: eden is a friend also royals!

Height: about 2 average humans tall (5"8 person)


Location: by her den on the other side of the river from eden (feel free to pick a den/location)

Reference: like the others she is the same on all sides! Rora

Please let me know if any more information is needed i can try to provide from on images so you know how there faces look but other wise i think this was the best i could do xD

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