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Fengrin Tails~ by Drathemeir Fengrin Tails~ by Drathemeir
Rarity Levels
Bullet; YellowCommon Bullet; GreenUncommon Bullet; BlueRare Bullet; RedEpic Bullet; PurpleLegendary Bullet; BlackRoyal 

Bullet; YellowCommon TailsBullet; Yellow 
Tail 1~ Long Mega Fluff  Tail 2~ Long Fluff Up  Tail 3~ Long Tuff
 Common tails are 1 length and can be different variations of the 3 available,
so long as they are similar to one picked.
Example: the long fluff, the fluff can be longer or shorter, smaller or bigger.

Bullet; GreenUncommon TailsBullet; Green 
Tail 1~
Medium Fluff Tail 2~ Top Fur Tail 3~ Tiny Fluff
Uncommon tails can be variations of both common and uncommon, meaning 
if you wanted a medium fluff you could make it medium with Long Tuff. These tails may also vary in types,
Example: Tiny Fluff can be fluffy or curled and cotton like a rabbit.

Bullet; BlueRare TailsBullet; Blue 
Tail 1~ Feathered Tail 2~ Dragon Tail 3~ No Tail
Rare tails can be variations of Rare and bellow, meaning scaled tails
can be long or short and or can be scaled with fluff at the end, and feathered tails bad be long or short!
Example: Long scaled tail fluffy Tuff, this would be classed as Scaled Tuff.

Bullet; RedEpic TailsBullet; Red 
Tail 1~ Fins Tail 2~ Crystal Tail Tail 3~ Double Tail
Epic tails are special tails that normal don't naturally happen, but are pretty freaking cool!
These tails may vary from Epic to common! Meaning they may be shorter or longer.
Example: The Double tail can be a combination of short fluff, Feathered or any of the others bellow this rarity!

Bullet; PurpleLegendary TailsBullet; Purple 
Tail 1~ Elemental Tail 2~ Full Metal Tail 3~ Make your own!
Legendary Tails are Stronger and much better then the average tail, full metal tails are fully armoured
therefore are no longer vulnerable to attack, and elemental tails can be any element provided.
Elements can include: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Electricity, Ice and any Sub category of each element.
Never any gas elements or Light and dark elements, and elements cant be combined!
For example: Fire can also be magma. but never Fire and Electric.
These tails may also vary from any Rarity below legendary, meaning these tails can be short, longer
or even double. You also have access to MYO trait which means you have full design creation for this tail!!!
Really anything you want. (you may need to double Check with me Drathemeir just to confirm its ok)
Example: The Elemental tail may also have Gem tail traits, be short or longer, or can be double tailed.

Bullet; BlackRoyal TailsBullet; Black 
Royals can have anything bellow this trait, and have access to better stuff, meaning for the elemental tail
Royals can have light, dark galaxy or even Spirit.
Or anything that normally isn't available for other traits!
Tails are not provided as of yet since Royals will only ever be custom made by myself Drathemeir

PS: tails Armour can be in variants on shapes!
and blank spots have been left there if any ideas are given to fill them in.
Any questions about the tail traits please feel free to comment below or not me!

Fengrins are a closed species by Drathemeir

~All art and species rights go to me~

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