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Fengrin Fire Traits~ by Drathemeir Fengrin Fire Traits~ by Drathemeir
Rarity Levels
Bullet; YellowCommon Bullet; GreenUncommon Bullet; BlueRare Bullet; RedEpic Bullet; PurpleLegendary Bullet; BlackRoyal 

~Fire Traits~
Bullet; YellowCommon FireBullet; Yellow 
Common fire is just 1 color this is not however limited to shades of lighter to darker!

Bullet; GreenUncommon FireBullet; Green 
Uncommon fire can be any 2 colors including shades of these 2 colors.

Bullet; BlueRare FireBullet; Blue 
Rare fire can be any amount of colors 3 or more!
can even be rainbow.

Bullet; RedEpic FireBullet; Red 
Epic fire can be any of the rarities bellow + also has glitter/sparkle effect to it.

Bullet; PurpleLegendary FireBullet; Purple 
Legendary fire can be any any of the bellow rarities except epic.
this fire is the elemental fire, meaning it can have a second element combined in it.
Example: Fire/electric
Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Electricity, Ice, and any sub catacgoys of each element!
Example: Fire can also be magma

Bullet; BlackRoyal FireBullet; Black 
Royal fire can be any kind of fire bellow this rarity, but also be smoke, galaxy, light or dark!
Royal perks are only available through Drathemeir

Fengrins are a closed species by Drathemeir

~All art and species rights go to me~

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