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Ocollas smg
I haven't did any of my made up weaponry ok so this is an smg from a made company know as ocollas. ocollas has thier way of making highly dense and concentrated glowing liquid into an energy bullet plus are keen of using a thick strong and razor sharp plastic as blades

This ocollas (oh-coal-las) smg is the hottest one yet equipped with a sharp plastic bayonet and fires 900 energy or laser rounds per minute

the recoil on this thing is average but like any other smg it's effective in short range but that why the bayonet can come in handy for close rang combat

What you guys think?

Weapon design and art are mine
Request: Ramona
I couldn't find motivation and idea to draw metalzaki asked me if i can draw one of his oc's on discord so that's what i did drew his albino aligator

Character belongs to original artist

art is mine

Maybe i should open requests for abit idk we'll see
Can't find any motivation help me T T
Lancer eques major
so this major eques are not very common i mean they aren't very rare but aren't common at the sametime they're just slightly stronger versions of the regular eques and they are strong enough to withstand the power of a lancer buster (shotgun) and sometimes an oblisiator

Main thing major lancers are for those tough missions like invade and highly secured area being the heavy weights for a squad

or being or sometimes Sargents 

Here's the original color…

Lancer and art belongs to me



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Paradox pic by DratFurious8

Tagged by BlackZodiacQueen Ok look i did what i can for this anyway let's start with da rules


  • Post these rules.
  • Post 8 random facts about your character.
  • Tag 8 other creators. 
  • Post their OCs name along with their creator's name/avatar.

Can i make an exception for rule 3 i can only tag five cause most i haven't come acquainted with yet i get nervous ok.

K the let's do this

Fact 1 : Paradox’s main purpose is a mystery no one really know what paradox’s main function is some say he’s a peacemaking bot some also say paradox is the alpha who can control other organic machines of his kind and some say he’s just like the others. another weapon. It’s those questions is how paradox got his name

Fact 2 : Paradox can use any elemental powers he can also use up to 8 attacks per element

Fact 3 : Paradox has a terrible virus that if he gets really sad or guilty the virus slowly freezes him from the inside out slowly killing him but he manages to stop it before it affects him

Fact 4 : Paradox has a neat ability that he can be able to create or repair things out of his own energy but he doesn’t use it that much for big things because it use a lot of his energy

Fact 5 : Paradox can’t go to school due to the fact that he’s a prototype weapon and can cause catastrophe if provoked instead was sorta home schooled by his creators nease Katherine sei why sorta is that paradox has the ability to self learn things he sees like the circle of life

Fact 6 : Paradox is a heavy sleeper and sleep from 8 to 10 hours depending how comfortable he is excluding naps tho

Fact 7 : For no reason Paradox’s favorite food is pepperoni pizza XD

Fact 8 : paradox’s creators daughter think the reason why paradox is so powerful is because he’s reincarnated version of drateric sei the most powerful lightning using person in the universe

Bonus Fact : Paradox is taken. XD

i taaaag

EmeraldKamala i would say either Emerald Dawny Drayven Talon Veena or Paramore anyone of them

mephiles101 Laura Roundshorts

Dark93C Shine the cat

ZeroMeddler Sage

Arung98 Blade the dragon

To the creators i tag if you don't want to do the characters i typed go ahead and do any of you other ones if you want

k i'm done drat out "NINJA VANISH"  poof. v1.1


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Hey i'm drat some might know me on colors. most might not well i'm not popular so yeah i'm a person who has autism but high functioned likes drawing robots sci fi heroes anthros mobians so yeah. so hope some of you guys enjoy.



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