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Name: Gaulemar
(Nickname): Affectionately nicknamed "Guppy" by a three year old boy. <3
Age: 8
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Selle Francais
Height: 16.3
Phenotype: Chestnut
Genotype: ee AA Ff
Personality: Gaulemar is the unshakable mount. The end of the world could be raining down around him and he won't bolt or fuss. He's a very calm and relaxed boy. Easy to get along with and a gentleman to ride. He came from a neglectful background where he had a nasty skin infection and was malnourished. His mane was shaved and hasn't shown signs of coming back yet. But with the care at OakLands Stable ( TerracottaVulture ), he was brought back to good health and a strong hunter career. As Dave grows older and his riding grows tamer by the ride to set a good example, he's found great potential in this horse to keep him as a hunter and when he's older and more experienced, hopefully a reliable, calm mount for his children. 
Primary Rider: Dave Burton

Ranks/Art Trackers:
OLS Gualemar - HEWC Tracker: Premium Blood
OLS Gualemar - HIEF TrackerStar!Star!Star!
OLS Gualemar - SF Tracker - Ameliorative

Link to original ref: OLS Gualemar

------------------------------------------ SSS: RvS Quantinum, Rising of Flying Birds
----------------- SS: JA's Quirinius
------------------------------------------ SSD: Lavastrom IS
Sire: OLS Urso Russo
------------------------------------------ SDS: 
----------------- SD: PL Just Paint the Roses Red
------------------------------------------ SDD: 

------------------------------------------ DSS: VH Pinocchio
----------------- DS: Fossegrimen PL
------------------------------------------ DSD: VH Femme Fatale
Dam: La Vie en Rose
------------------------------------------ DDS: 
----------------- DD: Twist Of Grace
------------------------------------------ DDD: 

Continued from Rising of Flying Birds:
SSSS: BRlS Quadro
SSSD: SRS See The Birds
SSSDS: DD See The Light
SSSDSS: ALS Song of the Century
SSSDSD: DD Emmeline
SSSDD: DD Blackbird
SSSDDS: DD Berahthraben
SSSDDD: WCF Chocolate Bluebird

Continued from Lavastrom IS:
SSDS: Landkreuzer IS (RL Landkönig HAN x RL Priceless TB direct sister of original)
SSDD: Feuersturm IS

Breeding: Open
Price: One fullbody (colored and shaded) OR 100 points
1: JulsquickSPS Sofia
2: FibonachoSEC Pembridge Swingtime BLS
3: MistyofSunrise | SDS Seadragon
4: TerracottaVultureBLS Ayavi
5: Anonymous-Shrew | ready to use!
6: SerendipppitousGHS TopSensation
7: Cactaquillz - ready to use
8: EquineRibbon - ready to use

1: SPS Gussion
2: BLS Goodwill
3: SVI Sirena
4: VA's Mezzanine
6: MCF Aristocrat

Gualemar © Drasayer
Original Design © Anonymous-Shrew 
OLS Urso Russo/La Vie en Rose © TerracottaVulture 
JA's Quirinius © BlackestQueen
RvS Quantinum, Rising of Flying Birds/Lavastrom IS © RvS-RiverineStables 
BRIs Quadro © Pashiino 
DD See The Light/DD Blackbird/DD Berahthraben © Hazel-rah 
ALS Song of the century © Hymnsie
WCF Chocolate Bluebird © Hidden-Acres
Landkreuzer IS/Feuersturm IS © dyatori 
PL Just Paint the Roses Red/Fossegrimen PL © Prettybold 
Twist of Grace © MistyofSunrise 
VH Pinocchio/VH Femme Fatale © windchilde 
SRS See The Birds © noebelle (?? im really not sure anymore :''D)

SAI/Photoshop CS6

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TerracottaVulture's avatar

hi! Breeding 4 and 7 are the same and the foal already has a reference c: ->

VA's Mezzanine
Drasayer's avatar
ardaio's avatar

and perhaps a slot here as well for points? xDD do you have any other lineage monsters? :0

Drasayer's avatar

And sure thing here too! I'm sure you saw already, but just in case, Gualemar here and Rosa are brother and sister so I prefer them not bred together :''D JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T SEE <''3

idk lol lineage to me is a bonus and not my main drive so I don't pay much attention tbh xDD

ardaio's avatar

yup yup! xD are you ok with crossbreeding though? owo

Drasayer's avatar

Yea that's fine~ I've got you added to the slot lists!

Helsinge's avatar
Oh look at this boy, is this where he lives now o: Sooooon he will have a baby sister, I just need to finish the breeding payment that's been pending for like two years now ~
Drasayer's avatar
He dost liveth in my cave now~
ermigerd Guppy friiiieeeenddssss~ 
MistyofSunrise's avatar
TerracottaVulture's avatar
my handsome boi! ;A; thank you so much for taking care of him! <3
Drasayer's avatar
He is much loved!!
TerracottaVulture's avatar
happy to know! can't wait to see him in action ;v;
GutCaballo's avatar
wow beautiful horse :la:
Drasayer's avatar
Thank you!! <3 His new owner is so happy to have such a lovely chestnut boy!!
Gwenwhifar's avatar
What a beauty! I love that shade of chestnut <33
Drasayer's avatar
YAAASSSS <3 He's gonna be so fabulous <3 
Fibonacho's avatar
Aww, you bought him :giggle:
He looks super pretty!
Drasayer's avatar
YAASSSSS :la: choir  I couldn't resist the handsome boi <3 He's such a perfect fit for what I needed <3 
Anonymous-Shrew's avatar
Drasayer's avatar
MR. CUTIE IN THE HOUSE <3 <3 <3 <3
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