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Jingle Jangle, MissExtra is in the Tag House!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 12, 2018, 11:36 PM

Jingle some bells.
Tagged by PoisonSoldat 

Chosen Character: Shaleigha
Shaleigha Mutar by Drasayer
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1) Born in Hawaii. Originally, she was going to be of Indian descent, but I felt the relaxed culture of Hawaii fit the bill better. She grew up on the beautiful beaches of luaus, leis, and hula skirts. She is fluent in the language!
S1 by Drasayer
2) Beach babe of the world. She didn't stay in Hawaii (y tho!?) Her home beaches only inspired her to want to travel and experience other beaches! She's traveled to many countries, horses in tow, to visit the coasts! She can't get enough of them!
S2 by Drasayer
3) Horse yoga. Her favorite thing to do on the beach with her horses is have a horse yoga session. She's always inviting others to join in and experience the journey of yoga… on horseback. No boots needed! She finds such a spiritual connection with man and animal.
S3 by Drasayer
4) Experiments with natural remedies. Along with the physical therapy she has developed, she had a working knowledge of natural remedies for ailments passed down in her family and neighbors. She always seems to carry around certain herbs and can identify hundreds of plants that are beneficial for the body. (That doesn't mean she would use good ol' Ibuprofen or Tylenol…)
S4 by Drasayer
5) Is a licensed equine chiropractor. Another specialty of hers is equine chiropractic practices. Being as connected to her horses as she is, she also focuses on their physiology as well and is a strong advocate for chiropractic practices on horses. She can turn a sour, rank, mother-bucker into a docile, calm, sweet lamb with a few good cracks. Her results do speak wonders. It's how she secured a position into RidgeRunner.  
 S5 by Drasayer
(don't actually try that...)
6) Trains like no other... She does actually ride her horses too! It's not all yoga and therapy. But there is a catch, of course. She is her own entity, that's for sure. She has a very unique method of training her horses. She uses rhythm and “dance” to train her horses. She's not about perfect form or an ideal carriage. She's about “expressing” the equine. Confused yet? Don't worry, most people can't follow how she trains them either. Most people can't even ride her horses.
S6 by Drasayer
7) Like to think while naked. Being a very open person, when Shaleigha meets a challenging question or something she needs to think on, she likes to do it preferably on a beach and without a thing between her and nature. Yep, she likes to think completely nude. Not a strip of clothing on her. She doesn't mind the sand between a couple cracks… she goes for a swim afterwards anyway. And she doesn't mind company while she's at it!
S7 by Drasayer
8) Never in a hurry, always late~ You may have gathered by now, she is her own person and like a leaf on the breeze. She's bad about meeting deadlines or being on time. She's rarely in a hurry or ever on a schedule which can frustrate some but that's just how the beach babe operates. She'll get there when she gets there~
S8 by Drasayer
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When working digitally, how do you address your layer usage (including clipping masks and such): 

73 deviants said Eh, a good handful where I think it would be useful but they are condensed. Background, subject, etc.
65 deviants said Probably average around 50-200, separating out background, subject, lighting, etc.
6 deviants said Layers? You only need a few? Maybe 2 or 3 layers total.
2 deviants said I am a maniac and do everything on one layer. <___<


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Sorry for so many favs, your designs are gorgeous. <3
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Jahpan Featured By Owner Edited Jul 25, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
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Pretty much all of my characters are on there, its a good place for me to organize them there.
Drasayer Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I do not allow my art work onto other sites because it is my art. You bought the design and any of the info you want to keep for that design but you did not buy the art. My prices do not cover the art. Merely the design and info that goes with it such as the description. Even with proper credit, it is not rightfully yours to post. I understand your want to keep things organized, but this is a sale for designs and info that goes with them, not art. I highly encourage your own references ^^ 
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