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This looks really cute and as always well made, I like the small details like her blushing, the hair pin face and the little robot pet ...

Well first of all this look just so beautiful and not just the whole family of Ren and Nora, everything looks beautiful the background ...

Really nice that we get to see this from Ruby’s pov, i love the sort of brighter and lighter tone of color you have gone for. Love the ...

I really like all of this, Neo looks so cool and if I might say unique from the other character in RW3Y. I love the way you have drawn ...

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Ch. 3 part 1
3 years later
-My lady please hold still you just make it harder to get the dress on, Marcus said as he tries to get Victoria dress.
Victoria try to stand still but her leg wouldn´t stop shaking. It was´t just her legs that where shaking, her whole body was.
-I don´t understand why you are so nervus over this my lady. this is´nt like you when the nobles comes over. Could it be one of Lord Crawson two sons that  make you nervus my lady? Marcus ask.
Marcus was right in both the statment, it was a long time sense she was afried for the other noble houses. And it was as he said one of Lord Crawsons son was making her nervus.
- I know, Victoria anwserd. It´s just the last time a saw eachother we where just children, now we are close to adulthood there are going to diffrent.
Marcus step back to admire his work, he cirkel around her lookin up and down. When he was finish he let out a little chuggle.
- My lady you are 13 years old, you still have three years until
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Attack-of-the-red-dragon by drarnegas Attack-of-the-red-dragon :icondrarnegas:drarnegas 12 2
Ch 2 part 3
-I-I am Princess Victoria Faye, royal heir to the kingdom of Priea and I demand to know how you are, Victoria said with her voice shaking a little.
The boy just looked at her, slowly a small smile started to show up on his face.
-So you are the Princess, he said again with a low cold and reach out his right hand.
-What are you doing, Victoria said confuse over the boy´s motive.
-I trying to give you a helping hand your highness, he replied.
Uncertain if she should trust him she reaches out to his hand. His hand didn’t feel as cold she thought it would.
He pull her up and started to walk towards the house, fear stroke Victoria she try to free herself from his grip. But he held her hand hard like an iron grip. Before she could say anything the two men outside the building note is them. Both of them look confuse on Victoria.
Who´s this girl you have bring with you Jack? The old man asks.
-She says she´s the Princess, he answered.
Both the men drop there axes the young
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Ch 2 part 2
The bird was sinning loudly to each other, the forest was so full of life during the late spring and earlier summer times, Victoria loved to go on trips with her parents to the summer house in the southern point of the country. But lately they been busy with running the country and left her to Miss Diana and the other servants.
She could see smoke emerge from the edge of the western part of the forest. That’s strange Victoria thought to herself. There shouldn’t be any one living there according to Mr Thomas and Marcus, could it be bandits or poachers Victoria thought.
Instead going back to the castle and tell the other about what she found out, Victoria sneak closer towards the smoke. When she was close enough see where it came from, she hid behind some thick coppice-wood.
The smoke was coming out of a chimney from a relative small wooden house, around the house were two men. One tall young man with short dark brown hair, he was wearing well-worn trousers and an old vest ma
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Ch 2 part 1
Ch. 2
-Miss Victoria! Where are you! You need to do your study Miss Diana yelled across the castle hallways.
-Please my lady, if you do not do your studies your father will be angry, she said.
-Have you lost the young lady again, Thomas said as he came around one of the corners.
-I have not lost her, Miss Diana replied. I just don´t know where she has gone that’s all.
-And that means you lost her again for the six times this month, Thomas.
-I´m quite aware of that thank you very much, what about you, shouldn’t you be helping me look for her, Miss Diana said with an anger in her voice.
-I´m already on the case I have send out Marcus to find her, Thomas said with a smug voice.
-That boy is hopeless, why did you even take him in as apprentice I can’t understand, she said.
-Well I’m old and his was the only one that of the people that try to act like a butler, he answer.
Miss Diana realest a sigh and started to look for young lady Victoria again.
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Ch. 1
The sun was beginning to go down over the forest hills, the sound of the horses running over mud road eco over the forest. Three men in the late 30´s were all consenting on the man in front of them. He who was their friend and King over the country, King Hans.
One of the rides sir Adam looks at he´s friend Gustav to him and ask.
- Our king is riding to fast; his poor horse is going to pass out if we don´t stop soon.
- Then we will have to give one of our horses to him, Gustav replied.
- But what in god’s name is he in such hurry, Adam ask back. Are we at war with another country?
- No, Gustav replied. They only us the lightning hawks for two occasions. When war has been declared or something is happening within the royal family.
Adam was thinking to himself what could have happen back at the castle, then he remember.
- The queen is giving birth, he said.
- That’s right and or king wouldn´t miss his next of kin’s birth, Gustav answer and spore his h
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The Country of Priea is relative small compare to its neighbour’s, but that doesn´t make it any less important. Priea is the most advents country of the four and one of the richest when it comes to minerals and gems. It´s neighbour’s in the northwest is the large old kingdom of Quirile rule by king Valkus the II and Queen Falla. To the east is the new kingdom of Reme rule by the newly crowned king Harkus, or as people call him "the blood baron". And in the south is the Servina alliance a series of small city stat that join together to form a fairly large empire. There is known real rule over them, but there is a small console of all the powerful men and woman in Servina that debate on how the empire should be ruled.
Priea and Servina has long being as trading partners and helping each other in war times. Most war are fought between Quirile and Reme formerly known as Tramitus. For control over central parts of the continent, currently Reme controls it. This
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Queen Victoria by drarnegas Queen Victoria :icondrarnegas:drarnegas 4 2 i-am-a-gamer-gaming-is-my-life by drarnegas i-am-a-gamer-gaming-is-my-life :icondrarnegas:drarnegas 1 0 Sylvanas vs Kerrigan by drarnegas Sylvanas vs Kerrigan :icondrarnegas:drarnegas 14 0 Steampunk Dragon By Stargazerrjl by drarnegas Steampunk Dragon By Stargazerrjl :icondrarnegas:drarnegas 3 0 Wolf mask from Payday by drarnegas Wolf mask from Payday :icondrarnegas:drarnegas 1 0 Valhalla by drarnegas Valhalla :icondrarnegas:drarnegas 0 0 Street art? by drarnegas Street art? :icondrarnegas:drarnegas 0 0 Quote by drarnegas
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Quote :icondrarnegas:drarnegas 2 0
vampire Hunter by gallen0 by drarnegas vampire Hunter by gallen0 :icondrarnegas:drarnegas 2 0



This looks really cute and as always well made, I like the small details like her blushing, the hair pin face and the little robot pet thing. The background is mix feeling. Its nice but it could have been an other color and those circles that comes in to the character kinda mess the drawing a little with the outlines and brighter the color up. But that´s nip picking its once again a good drawing and I can´t wait to see how you will draw the other characters with there own backgrounds and what not. Once again well done Bach.
Well first of all this look just so beautiful and not just the whole family of Ren and Nora, everything looks beautiful the background the choice of color everything is just wonderful to look at. But the most beautiful to look at is Ren and Nora and there kids, the joy in there face and how much they love each other. This shows an other side of them then just being hunter and huntress, it shows that they are people that want to have a family, live there life with one another and not fight Grimms all the time. Bach l have said this before and will most likely say it again but this is your best work and l mean it. Out of all the things you have done this one is just the best. The color, the characters the world around them everything is just beautiful and amazing to look at.
Really nice that we get to see this from Ruby’s pov, i love the sort of brighter and lighter tone of color you have gone for. Love the small little detalj that you put in, the reflection of the sun in the water, the patterns of Penny’s dress, the blury effect on Ruby’s hand one get from looking at something futher while having something closer at hand. Once again Bach you have made a nice lovely little pic showing a more happier part of your RWBY universe, and l can’t wait to see what you bring ous next. Here’s to you.
I really like all of this, Neo looks so cool and if I might say unique from the other character in RW3Y. I love the way you have drawn her outfit and all the little details that you can see along her legs and feet. Her umbrella looks amazing, the mouth mask just adds the whole assassin role of her. Love her hair and the hat she has, the different color sachems on her dress looks just nice and even though that you can´t see her mouth and most of her face her eyes tells you that she is either looking for someone or is planing something.
Once again Bach you have done a great job
This is all very nice with the colors, its also nice that you made a female version on Mario. This pic is just relaxing too look at. The tone and the lightning is all done very well, just Bowesetta’s neckless color that is kind a miss. I know that the spike are suppose to be white and the shadows make them dark but they look to much like skin color for me, but its not a deal breaker. Nice to see a fun nice little pic from you Bach keep on doing this you legend. Have a nice day man.
Writing a short story that I will post hear on deviant soon


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Sometimes I can draw good stuff but I like to writte stories insted


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