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Nie ma mnie tu!
I ain't here!

Ale TUTAJ jestem ;D
  • Listening to: KOKIA
  • Watching: dramas, Ookiku Furikabutte
  • Playing: jRPGs
  • Drinking: green tea, mojito
  • Listening to: Avenue Q
  • Reading: GxM fanfics
  • Watching: Drawn Together
  • Playing: Tales of the Abyss / Ragnarok Online
  • Eating: Croissants
  • Drinking: Iced coffe
See me now! At : 25.04.07 :
Six months update! My personal record!

So, what's up?
--> I'm proud to be a student and therefore able to slack off all the time.
--> Totally addicted to Ragnarok Online and Tales - Abyss and Symphonia games.
--> Drawing... even less. Only pages to my webcomix from time to time. It's called Smocze Przytulisko ( Dragon Pound, as it's in polish ) and you can read it HERE!
--> Still obsessed with Genis x Mithos from Tales of Symphonia. Yes, no change here! Visit the da club, f-r-i-e-n-d!
--> Reading the darn GxM ( Gethos ) fanfics all the time X>
--> I'm starting to feel guilty about not doing ANYTHING . _ . I'm such a slacker...

That was a fast review of my booooring life ^^' Thank you for your attention. *beep*

Teh icons~! :heart: :heart: :heart:
:iconf-r-i-e-n-d: :iconf-r-i-e-n-d: :iconf-r-i-e-n-d:
:icongenis-fans: :icontalesofsymphonia: :iconmithos-forever:

And the regular klamp crew is...!

and me XD

Luv ya all... gurlz and lovely Takkun XD!
*annoying beep*
--> I still don't have a tablet.
--> I draw NOTHING since I'm playng FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance NON-STOP.
--> Still sick, but getting better.
--> Made a new Dragon_Pound layout.
--> In love with song 'Oasis' by Gackt.

That was a fast review of my booooring life ^^' Thank you for your attention. *beep*

:bow: Respect ^-^ :

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:iconmrcappy: :iconsarineochaos: :iconsaucywench: :iconschneeflocke: :iconpitopishi: :iconwagontamer:

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:music: 'Oasis' by Gackt
OMG! :faint: 1000 visitors!
Who da man?! Who da man?! Yeah, over 1000 people have seen my icky devpage and piccys! :boogie:

Honestly - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YA PEOPLE?! My piccys ain't THAT good! Come oooon...
Anyway, I'm very surprised, that I've reached the magical 1000 so soon ^_^' Somewhat proud, yes.
You can count on me - I WILL improve no matter what! I'll be a great artist! A pokemon master! E.T.C!!!

AAAaArgh! I can't wait to be a King!

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:music: 'My December' / Reanimation / by Linkin Park
OMG! :faint: 1000 visitors!
Who da man?! Who da man?! Yeah, over 1000 people have seen my icky devpage and piccys! :boogie:

Honestly - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YA PEOPLE?! My piccys ain't THAT good! Come oooon...
Anyway, I'm very surprised, that I've reached the magical 1000 so soon ^_^' Somewhat proud, yes.
You can count on me - I WILL improve no matter what! I'll be a great artist! A pokemon master! E.T.C!!!

AAAaArgh! I can't wait to be a King!

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:music: 'My december' Linkin Park
Today's my birthday ^^! Yes kids! Dec. the 7th!
:boogie: ( no b-day piccys, sorry ^_^' )

:w00t!: I got a b-day giftie pic ^O^ I'm... so touched! ( never got a b-day giftie before T_T ). Thanks kalaii !

*sob* I'm 16 now T_T. And I suck at drawing. It really pisses me off - I draw for nearly 4 years and still so little progress X< !

No doubt about that - I want to have a tablet this x-mas!

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:iconninjas-vs-pirates: :iconnaruto-club: :iconnaruto-madness: :iconhakuzabu:
At least it started happily ^^

But - first things first - THANKS FOR THE 808 PAGEVIEWS!!!

Am I great or what :boogie: ?! *proud*December is a special month for me - on the 7th is my b-day! Yay ^O^
Finally, I'll get some cash, because it starts to run out slowly...

December... a safety-period for the little me. I hope that everything will be aaaaa-aallright!
*unnaturally happy smile* :D

:music: 'Lords on the boards' Guano Apes

Ps. Kirby ruuuuuuuuuuuules X3!

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! :dance: NO MORE EXAMS!!! Passed 'em all! Finito!!!! ... for a week =_='

Now it's time for the smart-ass-me to rest and enjoy freedom. The problem is, that I have to fight against myself and desire to play Golsen Sun2 on my GBA. Gotta draw some new pics for layouts and so on, but I simply HAVE TO PLAY GS2!!! :stab:

*throws her precious console into a locker and ties it with chains*

*pant pant* :O_o:

Aaaaalllright... now I'm gonna watch some Naruto, write something in the new mini-compendium of my characters...should be enough for today.
Pics on Dev will appear as soon as I'll draw something... ANYTHING! ( mental note : do it tomorrow, hell yeah! )

Ps . The topic of this note is part of a AWESOME song that my friend have sent me yesterday -^_^-
Ps2. *sniff* My mom told me yesterday that my first bishounen in my life is dead T_T Jonathan Brandis, I'll miss you!!! :sniff:

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Yup, second week of constant studying is behind me.
The only thing left are my from-the-very-start-of-the-year polish, math, english and biology exams =_='
*can you feel the enthusiasm?*

Tell me now, when will I have time for:
:pointr: drawing.
:pointr: writing my new blog plot.
:pointr: meeting with my senpai :blowkiss:
:pointr: playing Golden Sun 2 ( YES!!! FINALLY!!! )

On the other hand - I feel better when I'm busy, then when I have NOTHING to do ^_^'
I'm getting *little* tired of my school life, which became a bit too fast for meh. Grandma says, that I worry too much, but I REALLY hate to fail.
( ps. - I learned the poem on time, got full points on history exam ^^v and managed to get B from math ^_^' so far do good! )

Allrighty, time for me to get back to work!
... wait, what work =_=

Ps1. Sorry for no-new-pics V_V
Ps2. Like my new avatar ^^? Khh... I know it suxx :(

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WAAAAH! I wanna be a great artist!
TODAY! I'm gonna draw a short comic strip! With! My pencil! Yay for me! *cough cough*
( of course - I'll do it instead of studying - who cares, that I have to get ready for four exams this week and learn a STUUUPID poem? )
Hakuna matata, and things are GOOD.

I'll be back ^^'

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:bulletgreen: Somewhere I belong :

:iconninjas-vs-pirates: :iconnaruto-club: :iconnaruto-madness:
:lonely: *sniff*

I have enuff V--V. I'm sad, depressed and tired! Yesterday I even cryied because of this @%$&#%^ school! ( 'twas fullmoon, so it's normal, that I'm acting weird :stab: ) Now I feel very stupid T_T My marks are more than good, but it's the other thing that bothers me. Honestly, another week behind the desk and I'm REALLY going to do something STUPID! AAaaargh!!!
Allright, let's calm down, easy there... *cough cough*
Hmmm... before me THE long weekend. Viva the independence day!
I have finally some time to finnish my task - until wednesday that is.
Tomorrow I shall lay back and relax ^^
Yay for the lazyness! :w00t:

:boogie: <<< why haven't I seen this emote before XD?!

Ps. Granny made me a GORGEOUS Haku-like sweater *_*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
:bulletgreen: Somewhere I belong:

:iconninjas-vs-pirates: :iconnaruto-club:
Okay. I'm a bad bad ninja. I haven't completed a single mission. That's not good. Not good indeed.
My tests went pretty poor V_V ( STILL the best marks in the class, but who cares, when they are so low?! ).
Haven't bought Golden Sun2. Mom yelled at me, that I would do nothing, but just sit and play this $%&#^% game. Geez, that's SO true. Still - no new pics ( IGNORE that Haku freehand - he's my new crush, so that is then *_* ). Again, I failed =_='

Another thing - I closed my precious weblog V_V Maybe for a week, maybe for forever. I don't care anymore. Nobody does.

:bulletgreen: Mission : get along with my Sempai. The only person who gives a damn.

-------------------- . . .
somewhere I belong :

:iconninjas-vs-pirates:  :iconnaruto-club:

I've become so numb I can't feel you there
I've become so tired so much more aware
I've becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you
It's one to go! My tomorrow's math exam! The ultimate test of DOOM! *da da da dooom*

:dead: OMG!!! I'm feeling just like Naruto before *every* exam V_V I always get nervous! ( I usually get best marks anyway :] )

Now - my plans for next few days...
/ Mission! /
:bulletpurple: Draw. This. @^&%^*^ pic. For. My. Blog. Layout. BAKAAAAAAA!!!
:bulletgreen: Buy. Golden Sun2. Maybe then I'll draw some nice fanart...  Hurrr hurrr ^^
:bulletpurple: Speaking of fanart - I should draw a fine Haku pic...maybe inked...? :blushes:
:bulletgreen: Find some time for meetings with friends.
:bulletpurple: Read any book ^___^'
:bulletgreen: Draw draw draw draw...
:bulletpurple: Watch Naruto episodes from Sempai ( :hug: !!! )
:bulletgreen: Enjoy the moment without any tests ^^

-------------------- . . .
somewhere I belong :

:iconninjas-vs-pirates:   :iconnaruto-club:
*please, pardon my english today X3*

Run for your liveeeeeeesss!!! It's gonna blow!!! 'What?' you ask. 'My head' I say. Geez, that's so true.  I've spent half of my precious sunday behind the desk, making notes for my tomorrow's ancient greek exam.

*listens to Gackt's 'Ares'*

I'm afraid it won't help much ^___^'' Aye... I hope that my notes will help me. On each page I drew a Naruto character to keep my spirit up ^^ Like - on first page is Half-SD Shikamaru, on second Haku, on third Sasuke, on forth Kakashi, etc. ... kawai ^-^'

*song changed to 'Haruka Kanata' - second Naruto opening*

Hell yesss XD!
Today, I commented a pic of greek goddess ( no need to explain why ^^' ).  The author said, that she made it after her science exam, when she thought that she have failed. It occured thaty she got an A! Hurr hurr, gotta try it ^^ !!!

Oh, and I joined my first clubs na no da !

   :iconninjas-vs-pirates:        :iconnaruto-club:

*proud* ^^
I should be reading this stupid mythology.
I sholud be learning for my polish exam.

But what do I do instead?!
Waste my time on computer!
Read chuunin exam episodes from Naruto!
Listen to 'Hakuna Matata' Japaneese version!
I'm hopeless! :X

And I caught cold :blownose:.
Aye, better get to work!!!
*kisses the monitor* :kiss:
My precious wiggly cutie!!! You are alive! Mommy's happy!!!

Allright, ignore baka me ^^ This whole consternation is because two days ago I had my both Windowses ( 98 and XP ) delated. 98 didn't work anyway, so what did I need it for? Everything went fine until yesterday - my graphic driver and monitor both refused to cooperate. :upset:

I've seen at my very own eyes what Matrix is =_=' :O

Somehow I survived this day without DeviantART and I'm back to work ^-^!

Ps. Wish me luck at tomorrow history exam *prays*
:happycry: I'm looking at my old art ( like, made a year or two ago ).
z'Good - I'm improving. It is very important for me to be satisfied with my work.
z'Good - this satisfaction lasts no longer than a few days.
Conclusion - my art is constantyly ugly.
Yaaaaay =_='

Nooow... *looks at her schedule* Till next monday I have to read greek mythology, pass 3 great tests with material from the very start of the year, get BEST marks, and rise my Hevel ( Shellgon )  and Hemm'aut ( Milotic ) to lv.50. so I can finally kick elite4's ass.

I have to make new layout for Dragon_Pound - . *tsk*
I need MORE TIME T__T *sobs*
Yesterday I've seen GoldenSun2 in MediaMarkt - about time, no?
BUT I couldn't buy it because of all this test and everything!
:ohmygod: World is so cruel to teenage girls!

Ps. Aye, THAT was a shock =_=' it made me saaaad V_V
No art today - soooorry :blushes:
BUT if you want to see something REALLY good - visit:
Simply DAZZLING piece of fantasy art :happycry: !
( I will never learn to colour like that!!! :stupidme: )

Anyway - next two weeks... full of tests and everything... not sure If I'd be able to draw anything at all T_T *sobs*

Ah, yes, I keep on forgeting.
lately I find myself out gazing at stars
hearing guitars like someone in love

sometimes the things I do astound me
mostly whenever you're around me

lately I seem to walk as though i have wings
bump into things like someone in love

each time I look at you I'm limp as a glove
and feeling like someone in love...

*sigh* someone in love...

/ 'Like Someone In Love' -Bjork- {debut}/
Nowwww... big day for meh!
It seems that I've already became Devi-addicted!

1 . Yay for my first devi-friend!
2 . BIG YAY for 'Flight' aka 'Dragon_Pound has a Year!' - my first ever pic, that was added as a favourite!

*droools* Yeah... Devi WILL BE MY MOTIVATION!
( tee heee... that was the point of joining )

I realised that I'm slacking off lately! It can't be!
I'm hoping that I will still have plenty of time to take care of SP. Company - / / and my blog - / /. I can't let my *fans* down X3!

I'm a busy busy girl!
Meh likes beeing busy ^-^

Ps . Last journal entry was my first... gosh, it was SO primitive X3
( Sinister voice ) : Like this one isn't....