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I drank some poison once.  It's been more than four years and I'm glad to say that I've BARFED IT ALL OUT. XD

Life is good.  I'm happy.  Things are improving.  However, this account is part of that poison.  In order to completely get rid of that shit I'm afraid I gotta let this go.  

My email:

I will see you guys at the clearing at the end of the path. <33
Good things about beijing:

.It's 3000 years old
.You can ride in a rickshaw
.The food is good
.Cute Chinese Boys
.Cute Chinese Boys at the club
.No drinking age
.almost no crime
.kick ass clubs
.old culture
.modern culture

Bad things about Beijing:

.Street vendors
.mad pollution
.disabled people are forced to beg for food
.trannies can't get a job other than prostitution
.everyone wants to take off their clothes
.everyone smokes
.too many damn westerners

I like Beijing- I like it a lot, but it's simply not lovely as Dalian.

Well... I miss you all.  I'll be home on Wednesday. :D
sea cucumber
these ocean critter lookin things
cow/pig stomachs
kelpy seaweed stuff that I saw on the beach
these purple fruits that you have to smash open
pumpkin french fries
tree fungus
Fish liver

China: 0
Phrank: 1
I broke their shower head.  That shit only happens to me...  

The number of cherries I have eaten in the past three days exceeds the amount I've eaten in all my life.

Holy mother.

there is no cure for the avian blues.

for some reason I feel a little homesick.  Hm.  I guess having time to myself in this tastefully furnished room isn't the best idea.  

I think I'm gonna go out and buy some tea.
1 watched Gareth "ride the rooster"
2 made (zhaozi)
3a Tai ji + ping pong
3b Dalian's army of tracksuited youths + TECHNO
4 stressed out about STUPID paper flowers
5 saw some penguins and POLAR BEARS
6 Ate Beijing Duck TACOS
8 Sat on a giant book
9 Obsessed about tea
10 yellow cherries

I'm in China!  

Greetings from Dalian!

So far things are going pretty well.

The traveling group met at Lamar at threein the morning and we set off for the airport!  The flight to Newark was uneventful...  From Newark to Beijing... damn.  That shit was crazy up in there. 13 hours of sitting!  Obviously I did some reading...  K, I forgot to bring a journal!  It makes really grumpy.  So- Anyway.

I'm just excited that I figured out how to access this damn Chinese compy.

We had a few hours to hang at the Beijing airport, which was a-okay.  Everything was so damn colorful.   I swear, Asian advertising is the best.  

At last, I arrived at the Dalian airport.  Dalian's a beach city so it's not as polluted as Beijing... and there's trees and birds everywhere.


I love these guys so much.  I hosted the son- Guo Lin.  He's frickin' awesome.  His thing is basketball... which is okay, I guess.  He's also really smart and an excellent English-speaker.  The parents are also neato burrito.  The dad knows a little English and the mom is super-rad.  She's sharp as a whip, that woman.  Another candidate for a martini session.

When they took me to their house I was just... amazed.  It was like arriving at a shmancy hotel or something.  They wouldn't let me carry my luggage, they tried their best to make me as comfortable as possible, and of course, as FAT as possible.

The meal that Guo Lin's mom (+ this lady that seems to be like a family friend...) prepared was amazing!  Eight different dishes... and they expected my to try everything.  I'm putting being veg on hold for this trip... I really want to respect their meals and whatnot...

So- this is the first of many entries regarding my stay at Dalian.  S'more stuff has happened but I don't feel like writing about it just yet.  

Zaijian, bitches.
Um.  I've been hibernating for a while.  Here's some piCTURES.

I think they might change in a while.  For now they stay as they are.  Mhm.

Until I find more time to update, guuudbye.
My mother is doing her best to get me to kill myself.
I'm sitting here, surfing the interenet after playing two hearty rounds of dodgeball.  

No SHOES.  Did you hear that Faith?  NO SHOES.

Profanity isn't outlawed and creativity is allowed to grow freely.


Holy crap.  Why do I go to Lamar?  I'm not fit for public school.

Someone save me...

Sarah awakened me to the beauty of alternative schooling.  When I have kids, I'll never subject them to the nauseating pain of public education.  It just isn't humane.

We're listening to Stephen lynch...  could life possibly be any better?  I didn't think so.

K, I'm done with that.

SO.  ACT UP is my new cause.  Their message is so sweepingly powerful and accurate to my own values that I can't help but feel like its the ideology for me...  however, some of their methods are rather questionable.

Still, I like it.  

Tell me what you think of me:
1. As a friend
2. As a person
3. Philosophically
4. Anything else you wanna say.


I've been so busy. I really don't think I've ever been this busy before in my life. Between school, the GSA, theatre, friends and Jack, there has been no time for anything. Well... for anything... else. Like wallowing in misery and feeling like trash.

Since I started dating Jack things have just been so much better. It's like a crescent shaped piece was missing from my life- from my body... and now it's been filled. Everytime I see him, I feel that completion. And let me tellya, it feels great. Is that what love is supposed to be like? Completion. It seems so perfect. Too perfect, perhaps. I'd rather not think about that.

There's just something right about it. The fact that his gender works the way it does... and my own tendencies as a partner in a relationship- I mean, there's nothing more masculine, more empowering, than being dominant with another man in a romantic relationship. I think that's part of the whole completion thing.

It makes me feel purposeful. Important, maybe. Things with lovers have never worked out so well. I don't feel used or forgotten... or diminished. It's a strange feeling being able to count myself as an equal to my lover... He's on a pedestal, sure. I do that with all the people I love... but this time he's taken me with him. We're together, clutching each other in the cold and finding out that life is pretty fricking great.

It's so different from the way it was. Even though Tristen was good boyfriend and I don't regret being with him at all... and nick... well nick is nick... and Allison. Allison still affects me in a really awful way. It makes me ill to realize that even after extracting her from my life... she still manages to upset me... Ugh.

Well. THat's that for now.
I saw Joyce on the bus the other night.  That lady is absolutely fascinating.  On the ride home she told me all about her brother that's going to be a regional director for Circuit City and her crackhead boyfriend who likes some white girl.  I even gave her the url to my DA so she could see her picture online. I swear, every time I talk to her, life just feels a little more interesting.  Somehow like it's worth taking that busride from downtown to school and back.


GSA is really behind...  I don't know how we're ever going to get anything done. *SIGH*

Oh.  I also changed the title of "Latino Rhythm" to "Broken Language."
Somehow orgies have lost their appeal... Huh.
It feels good though.
Love.   Who knew it would happen to me...?  It's that delicious pain that invades the senses and turns your stomach and makes you want to giggle and scream and rip up your journals and write a novel and sleep and never sleep.

Theatre, GSA, Asian Culture Club and Jack are eating my life like caterpillars.  Except with Jack it's the other way around.  He nourishes my core.  I feel like a flowerrr.  RRr.



noooooo sombaawdy.

Someone stole my account for seconds... That last entry... wasn't me. D:


Wait, I still don't know who it is...


JaQue is sitting next to me and he said UB.

Hi, my name is Frank and I should really remember to log out the next time I sign in to Deviant Art on the Theatre Computer!
SOrry babes

i have not been updating

i have some poetr33 f0r you soon

i promise this to you yes promises promises growing on the trees like pretty blue apples!


Student Directeds.  LOVE.  There's love.  Oh yeah.

I need a boyfriend again just in case anyone is interested... if you don't live in houston don't even bother.  GOD GET A LIFE.



I'm not kidding.




Okay!  I got the prologue of The Tamarind Tree up.  Please read it.  If you don't, I'll stop loving you, most likely.  <33

Ah, for any whiny teenagery stuff, please see my livejournal.

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