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Looks like you have made a very interesting story between humans and dragons.
(My personal interest:Do dragons take part in many great events?Such as WWI,WWII......and what is their relationship between humans?)
Hello, thanks for a good question! 

I'm definitely inspired by Temeraire series which put dragons in gears of history during Napoleonic wars. They were strategic and tactical asset, pushing war into quite different direction, with much better transport capabilities and beasts dropping on positions from air. 
I'm sure that such use of dragons would drop on importance with technology development - before, you needed lucky shot with a heavy cannon to take down a beast, but with modern flak cannons, heavy machine guns and other weapons, dragons battle capabilities would be obsolete. 
As creatures of intelligence average higher than humans, they'd become good officers, commandos or be used as quiet and untraceable transports, probably used by resistance movements a lot. 
On the other hand, presence of dragons could slow down some developments - maybe machine flying would happen later, or with help of dragons, it would be much easier to do. Hard to say and I may try to answer it in my art!

Relationship would be mostly cooperative - I don't think it would be a perfect symbiosis, but intelligent species could get along. Even if it's quite optimistic view. 
I searched that novel series on the Wikipedia,it has a very interesting story.

People are using dragons to fly,I guess there‘s no need of mechanical aircrafts......maybe the first plane was invented in the 1940s in the story,I guess......
When I see your artwork about dragons,I guess:Until the end of 20th century,the first human aircraft have invented and flying in the sky.
(This is just my guessing)
I guess you can draw a group of dragons take down B17 bombers.
By the way,the dragons are smarter than humans?