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They are alive 2

They are alive 2!

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And picture what started this (He is alive):

Please look first, so you get idea better. Good thing would be, that you have read Death Note manga, or watched anime.

I had fun making sketching this, but it was totally pain inking this on A3 paper >__< And after that I inked other TT__TT Paiiiiiiiin... Finally over :-D

More coming, so wait.

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....Near is screwed. O_O"
deathnotefan2222's avatar
lol awsome you should draw more :)
shooshoo9's avatar
nekokittykatarin's avatar
lmaooooo!!! XD near is so cute. he would so do that.
koolkat2427's avatar
XD I love this!
koolkat2427's avatar
Tiny-Feet's avatar
Hahaha so good, I love the middle panel especially
KK6665Player's avatar
*gasp* Near burried them in the same grave? I wonder why... I guess I should just read the next one, huh?
drandula's avatar
Mmh... I havent thought that :P
Should make something about that :I
KK6665Player's avatar
Yesh! Dooo iiit! :D
atpinball's avatar
Not gonna lie. I laughed a little. xD
RuneQuicksilver's avatar
Heh yep...Near would do that :XD: ALWAYS beware the quiet ones! ;)
drandula's avatar
Who else would :P Now I will beware one of my little brothers o__o
RuneQuicksilver's avatar
;) that's right...and be careful! :D
Threshie's avatar
:laughing: Of course Near did it--he's the only one left alive to do so, right? (You know, I once read a serious-toned fanfic in which Near actually DID have them buried together and attended their funeral... XD)

Impressive--this has practically turned into a doujinshi! :w00t: The background in that middle panel with the graves is really well-done, and the expressions on the bottom are hilarious. XD

~Threshie :heart:
drandula's avatar
Who else could done that? (maybe L as last will, when think more :P ) I havent read any fanfics, just one alternative ending for Kira :P

It was good, where Kira succeed becaming god of this world, but eventually, Kira wanted die and asked Ryuk to kill him. After that Kira fell into Shinigami world and have to experience all deaths that he had caused. After that he would go emptiness. But he live because so many names written on DN, so he wanted speak with Shinigami king for making Shinigami world better. Just because he had became god of the human world.

Oops, maybe I wrote too much :P

Thanks ^__^ I will in future make these like comic pages. Next page will be about Watari, he cant come alive as those three :(
Threshie's avatar
Aww, poor Watari. At least the other characters will notice, instead of going on like he was never there. ^^;

That sounds like an interesting fanfic...Light just can't give up reforming rotten worlds when he sees them, I guess! :giggle: Here's a link to the fic where Near had Matt and Mello buried together--it's very good: [link]

Speaking of Near, he seems to have taken L, Matt and Mello coming back to life extremely well--he's back to playing with his toys and ignoring them, even! :laughing:

Wait... OO I just noticed, in the last page you have up, Near's EATING one of his toys! :rofl:
drandula's avatar
Watari was already pretty old man, so I let him rest in peace :'(

Its like that, I couldnt find it again, but it was comic, not text.
Very good fanfic. Near has always been alone in top, and will always be.

Yup, he is so antisocial type ^^
You noticed it! :rofl:

Threshie's avatar
XDDD Yes, I noticed--LOL! How cute/amusing. :D My sister drew comics of Near scaring Matt by pretending to eat his rubber duckies...then when Mello came over to tell him not to scare Matt, he had a headless duckie and was chewing! :noes:

R.I.P., Watari! :sniff:
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