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Animated Hughes avatar.

You can use it if you want :)

Used about hour making this, made
with Game Maker 6.1's sprite editor and

I havent posted anything here for really long
time :I Even I have lot of things for upload :P

Edit. Nh?
It doesnt show animation for me, but it works
if I download it in my computer and watch it.
Can you see the animation, or is it only my computer?

Edit. Now it should loop infinity times :)
I had little problems with looping times.
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So cute love it :D
pinkyichigo's avatar
really nice! :D Hughes is one of my fav characters, and this just made him better! :)
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bkaro's avatar
This. Is. Awesome
I. Love. You.!

ce2ree2's avatar
Hahaha Hughes is one of my favorite characters! I was so sad when he died ; n; THIS IS SOOO TRUE.
Aliroz-The-Confused's avatar
-Throws masterball-

Dang! It missed!

Maybe I can catch Armstrong...
thejaycee1205's avatar
AlchemyFox's avatar
XD This made me laugh. Very nice. :)
drandula's avatar
Thanks :) This is old, but I'm pleased that you like it.
AlchemyFox's avatar
Its okay. :p *pokes your current avatar*
Psychybrid's avatar
Awesome! I love Hughes!
Twilightlover2007's avatar
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PT-Piranha's avatar
Eh wake me up when he's shiny.
AnimeBostonIsEPIC's avatar
Awwww it got away.... DX
drandula's avatar
Try find another legendary one then, like Mustang.

Oh wait, Hawkeye caught him already.
Thislifesend's avatar
drandula's avatar
Of course!

And thanks for fave!
Thislifesend's avatar
No prob, dear mate :D
GimpedForLife's avatar
I cheered 'Hughes' when he first popped up, then when he pulled out a picture of his daughter I actually laughed.
KhidirIshitar's avatar
how do you save animations they just save it as a picture when i do it
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