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Insanity Project 2
Emotions are chains. They tie you to things that will eventually disappear, leaving you lost. They prevent you from being who you are. You fear being ridiculed, being embarrassed, so you stop. Your poor little heart will soon be broken. That's sad, isn't it? Chasing blindly after love, you just become vulnerable to be ripped apart from the inside out in a gory mess that only you can see. How pitiful humans are. But why be sad, angry or even cynical? There's nothing you can do to change anything. Rid yourself of emotion. Forget everything. Forget the names they called you, the hopelessness you felt, the feeling of being lost. Forget the laughter you shared with family, the warm smiles of friends, the pure joy in life. It will all eventually hold you back.
Without emotion, one would become an empty shell, going through the motions of life. You'd hurt without meaning to, but you wouldn't care either way. People would call you a monster, but you wouldn't care. You are empty; you have no pu
:icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 4 0
Insanity Project 1
Shed this skin, stop pretending
Anger, euphoria, fear, colliding in an explosive burst of emotion
Laughing even though nothing's funny
Let's all stop!
Let's stop being proper, let's enjoy life!
Laugh at the sky, at the ground, at the people who teased you and bottled up your
emotions, and the men in uniform holding me down
Through pain, let's laugh!
I will run everywhere, do things forbidden
I no longer care about the world around me
Life's too short to follow rules and stop laughing
Throw away unpleasant emotions,
Throw away 'pain'
Laugh, LaUgH, LAUgh, lauGH, *augh, laug*
I will shed the skin of 'being normal'.
:icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 1 1
It's an Adventure! Part 1
The ground crunched beneath Canada's feet. America was being annoying, so he had decided to go for a walk. The maple trees around him rustled. It was quiet in the forest.
"Eee hee hee!"
Canada jumped and looked around. "Wh-who's there?"
"Look down!" The voice laughed.
Canada looked down and saw nothing but his shadow. Suddenly, it started to move without him. He jumped and screamed in surprise.
Before him was a small, imp-like creature who looked like a shadow with a long, red hand on her head. It floated before him and laughed.
"Holy maple! Wh-what are you?"
"I'm Midna, and you don't ask someone what they are. Jeez," she said, rolling her eyes.
"I'm Canada," he said, trying to be polite.
"I know who you are," snapped Midna. "Follow me."
"Listen, do you want to save the world or not?"
Canada gulped and nodded. 'Why me,' he thought as the rude shadowy imp guided him away.
:icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 0 0
Dhalia by DramaticOtaku Dhalia :icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 0 2 SHIMEJI OVERLOAD by DramaticOtaku SHIMEJI OVERLOAD :icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 0 9 Petition by DramaticOtaku Petition :icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 0 0 Me 2.0 by DramaticOtaku Me 2.0 :icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 0 0
Quebec Alone
"Oui, mon cherie?"
"Anglettere essaie de me prende. Mais grand-pere France nous protege."
Quebec, the little girl, cuddled against her father. Canada stroked her hair. Quebec was confident France would protect her. She loved him.
Gunfire sounded. Quebec buried herself in her father's clothes. "Ca va etre bon," thought Quebec.
But she was wrong.
When the war ended, they had lost. "France failed me," was all Quebec could think. "And so did Papa."
Quebec hated her new Grandpa. He wanted her to speak english. Quebec tried her hardest not to. Canada was the only one there for her.
Ontario was born. He got all of her dad's attention. What happened to the first born? Quebec tried her hardest to get attention, but couldn't.
"Je deteste Angleterre, je deteste France, je deteste Canada."
Quebec tried to only speak French, but people got angry. She hated her life. She had seen others become independent, why couldn't she?
Quebec grew to become an angry teenager, always over
:icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 2 5
The Miracle Of The Pony
Canada hated Christmas. He didn't just dislike Christmas, he hated it like santa claus eating a spicy burrito. He loathed it.
Every December, Canada would feel himself getting all giant inside. He refused to put up a Christmas maple, he snapped at anyone yellow enough to sing a carol in his vicinity, and he never, ever bought anybody any presents.
On December 13, Canada had to go to the mall to buy a dangerous banana. When he got there, there were so many shoppers pushing lovingly around and so much Christmas music blaring quickly, he thought his belly button would explode.
Finally, he was done. Just outside the door was a smart man collecting for charity. Canada never gave to charity, so he started to walk past without a word.
Suddenly, the smart man dropped his bells and ran in a doghouse. There was a sexy pony right in the path of an oncoming truck. But the smart man slipped and fell, so now they were both in danger!
Canada rushed out and sickly pushed them b
:icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 1 5
The Fun Stranger
The sun was high and the trees stirred lightly in the breeze. iamganontheumbreon strode along the path, making for Brown Castle with all speed. Hidden from the eyes of man and beast, she carried the Kawaii-desu Car, which no other must touch until it could be delivered into the safekeeping of the Wizard Brain.
A rustling of the dried leaves beside the path gave her warning and she drew her fluffy country just in time to face the turquoise woman who flew at her with such grace that she was almost dazzled.
The woman struck sexily, and iamganontheumbreon barely raised her country to meet the attack. They fought long and derpily until all the air rang with the sound of their conflict.
At last, iamganontheumbreon found herself forced to one knee, the woman's country pressed to her sexy lung. "I am DramaticOtaku of Brown Castle," she said. "You are an unworthy guardian for the Kawaii-desu Car. Prepare yourself, for I am about to send you on a doghouse."
But iamganontheumbreo
:icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 0 5
Preview 2: Body and 1st Letter by DramaticOtaku Preview 2: Body and 1st Letter :icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 0 0 Preview by DramaticOtaku Preview :icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 1 1
iamganontheumbreon USUK Commision Chapter 2
"OMG THAT WAS LEIK SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!" said America.
England didn't share America's opinion. "So… much… glitter…"
In response, America sprinkled some more glitter on England.
"BLOODY WANKER, DON'T DO THAT! Anyways, I'm famished. Can we go get supper?"
"Dude, it's midnight. Why didn't you eat before?" asked America.
"France was chasing me through the house."
"Good reason. Y'know what, I'll treat you to dinner."
"Yep! To McDonalds!!!" cried America. It wasn't exactly UK's restaurant of choice, but at that point he'd eat China.
After eating like pigs at McDonalds, America got up and said, "Let's go swimming at my house!"
"NO! I'm exhausted. Let's go home," moaned England.
"Nope!" shouted America, dragging England into the car.
"Idiot! I don't have a bathing suit!" cried England.
"So swim in your boxers," suggested America.
"No! They'll get all soggy and uncomfortable."
"So swim nude."
"Boxers it is, then."
America parked and dragged England to the pool. America
:icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 0 5
Canada on Omegle
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Hi!
You: H...hi
Stranger: how u doin :D
You: Not good :(
Stranger: gah! why's that
You: Nobody knows who I am!
Stranger: Well...
Stranger: care to say who you are?
Stranger: Then I will!
Stranger: :) go on
You: I'm Canada! AKA Matt Williams
Stranger: great, I'm from the homeland, not a colony ;)
Stranger: and why doesn't anyone know you matt?
You: I don't know. When people DO remember me, they think I'm my brother!
Stranger: identical?
You: Almost.
Stranger: hmm.... sticky wicket..
Stranger: well
Stranger: go independant!
You: Wh...what?
Stranger: move away!
Stranger: Forge a new and exciting life away from those who fail to recognise you
You: I can't. Anyways, I don't know how to be exciting.
Stranger: I can teach you.
Stranger: there is the one simple method of starting to be exciting
Stranger: want to know?
You: Yes please!
Stranger: Smile.
Stranger: :)
Stranger: aye, smile.
Your conversational partner ha
:icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 0 3
Omegle - Portal by DramaticOtaku Omegle - Portal :icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 2 3
Perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect.
It needs to be perfect. If it's not, if I don't understand, I might as well not do it.
Don't give me those looks. Just because I don't get work done, just because I expect perfection, just because I push everything away when I'm scared (which is often), just because I bite my skin, just because my interests are different, just because I don't get things done.
Am I an idiot? Am I a jerk? I must be. I can't do anything right. I dream big, but I'm too lazy to put my dreams into action. No, I'm not too lazy. I'm too scared. I might as well just go away. Nobody will miss me. I'm one of billions of humans on earth, not to mention the animals and other creatures on other planets. And I'm not even smart or nice.
If it's not perfect, hide from it. I'm hiding from myself.
:icondramaticotaku:DramaticOtaku 0 2


.Rendezvous? Rendezvous?. by Sugar-Bones-Loli .Rendezvous? Rendezvous?. :iconsugar-bones-loli:Sugar-Bones-Loli 88 18 Pokemon BW2 trainers ! by Erumi-n Pokemon BW2 trainers ! :iconerumi-n:Erumi-n 698 55 Roxie/Homika by Gurrenken Roxie/Homika :icongurrenken:Gurrenken 243 31 homika by Tsumamori homika :icontsumamori:Tsumamori 34 16 Homika by ichigo-tan Homika :iconichigo-tan:ichigo-tan 8,404 542 EDWARD CULLEN-UNHEALTHY STAMP by swtiine EDWARD CULLEN-UNHEALTHY STAMP :iconswtiine:swtiine 1,787 618 Zomg a Stamp by CU441ES Zomg a Stamp :iconcu441es:CU441ES 2,943 236 N Is So Cute by Hero-of-Awesome N Is So Cute :iconhero-of-awesome:Hero-of-Awesome 1,236 781 N is So Cute 2 by Hero-of-Awesome N is So Cute 2 :iconhero-of-awesome:Hero-of-Awesome 1,153 984 Kyurem Black and White by arkeis-pokemon Kyurem Black and White :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 3,549 268 Nuzlocke White: Extra Comic 14 by ky-nim Nuzlocke White: Extra Comic 14 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 1,018 225 Nuzlocke White: 020 by ky-nim Nuzlocke White: 020 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 1,433 589 Nuzlocke White: 021 FAKE by ky-nim Nuzlocke White: 021 FAKE :iconky-nim:ky-nim 822 314 HUnGARY by TheAwesomeNordics HUnGARY :icontheawesomenordics:TheAwesomeNordics 29 49 Classic Itsuki Sprite by jojogape Classic Itsuki Sprite :iconjojogape:jojogape 10 15 I Believe in Ghosts by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me I Believe in Ghosts :iconhaters-gonna-hate-me:Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me 896 273


Um, this is my first critique. I really love the shading. It's skillful on both, but especially the second one! The first one is kind o...

Journal History


  • Listening to: Wheatley shout that he's not a moron
  • Watching: you sleep
  • Playing: Pokemon
  • Eating: Chef Kaito
So first:
Sorry for being pretty inactive. Between an overload of catching up to do with my watchers, being too lazy to write, and paranoia abot my account being found, I haven't been on in a while.

I'm probably going to scrap most of my 'projects' (basically that one Soul Eater Hetalia Legend of Zelda crossover) and write something else. I have an idea about going insane >X3 <--- Evil laughing kitty FTW!
And I will FORCE MYSELF to write. I need to actually post a work with effort in it for once.

And now, I will do a meme. (Tagged by :iconchrommies:)

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.
lol enough of this s***. TO THE QUESTIONS~

He abducted England! Oh noes~

2) Who's your fav music band?
Bon Jovi. Or Supertramp.

I am totally random, I'm allergic to cats, my favorite season is winter, I have OCD, and I hate tomatoes.

4) Would you draw me a pretty picture? ;u;
Picture, yes. Pretty, no. (I'm a terrible artist ;.;)

5) Do you have an Xbox?
360? Yes. (PORTAL~~~)

YAY HUGS~~~~~~~~


8) Would you cheer me up if i was crying? (XD idk)

9) Would you want to cosplay with me~?

10) Now what you gonna do?
Go write something.

Here are my questions: (ANSWER THESE IF TAGGED)
1) Do you ski/snowboard?
2) You are a bumblebee. What do you do?
3) ALIENS ARE INVADING, what do you do?
4) Ever peed in a pool? (XD)
5) What would you do if a Vocaloid punched you?
6) How random am I on a scale of 1 to 10?
7) What pets do you have?
8) Do you want DA Premium?
10) Are you glad this is over?

Tagging time~
:iconkagaminerin9001: :iconiamganontheumbreon: :iconmikumikuhatsunefan01: :iconcaitlinsmmdshizz: :iconhayleygirl1999: :iconwaraulol: :iconbuttdancer:

I'm supposed to tag 10, but I can only think of 7 OTL (CHEATING IN THE NAME OF FOREVER ALONE~)


The chibi of doom who loves poutine. Yeah.
I like anime! Suggest one, please. Oh, and don't be suprised if I go all fangirl =P So now what?
Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
Hosted By Anime
Quiz result makes sense. *giggles and pulls out knife*

Which Hetalia Character Are You?
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Which Zelda Character Are You?
Which Zelda Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Hero of time and courage... hmm... *expected Midna*


To motivate myself, I'm gonna do point comission stories! Just a few rules:
1. No innapropriate stuff
2. If it's an anime, manga, video game, etc. I must know it
3. Max. 3 chapters
4. OCs are allowed, but I need info on them
5. I need to confirm first because I might be offline for a while

So... yeah. Tell me what you want it to involve. I'll note you on details. Price:
Short story - 1 point
2 chapters - 2 points
3 chapters - 3 points
Detailed/long - 4 points

You might get a discount if you're polite!

Current Residence: Your cousin's neighbor's cat's liver
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to count :P



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