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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting art lately. There's been some stuff happening including my source of wifi connection going down. So, things will be go pretty slowly for abit. Lots of sketching, not so much coloring. But i will do anything you guys wanted if ya ask. So feel free to ask for a commision or whatever, I'll get in contact as soon as possible.
Hey guys, drama again. Doing more anatomy drawings on the down-low, y'know. Sketches, practicing colors, etc. Anyway, if you guys want me to draw something, just comment or message me. I can always use some more inspiration. :)
Golly, first time making a journal. How do people keep writing these? Feels weird for some reason. Maybe I'll get used to it after doing it more...

Anyway, I plan on improving my Deviantpage to be more appealing and stuff. Just gazing at it and comparing to other artists made me feel like such a scrub. So, as I work on it, some tips/advice/links would be nice.

I'm still trying to improve my art as well. I'm going to study more anatomy for a while and try to see if I improve. If anyone would want a commision or drawing or something, feel free to message me. Provide a reference and a description/preference of what you want I'll work on it no prob.

Here's to improvement, fellow artists.