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[CM] Fluttershy Transformation, part 1

Commission for :iconblahadon:

Part 1 of the new transformation sequence featuring Fluttershy.
That amulet looks quite omnious~

BTW I've started a Gumroad account! I'm planning to archive&post older posts from Patreon there. First post (Patreon archive from 11/17 to 04/18) are already available ^_^
Please consider supporting me on Patreon!  if you like my art ^^

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You misspelled zekrom
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Finally, we have some interesting work today.
I like it very much, great composition. I see that you have a great talent and a huge imagination.
Regards, I'm waiting for more.
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You make such great clothes designs, almost a shame that they get destroyed later. :)
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Zecora:   Prepare yourself for the magic of scum! On the bright side, it’ll make you cum! XD
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Awww flutters is so precious :) :heart:
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how long will it take for all parts?
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I'll post them every 2 days. Part 2 will be tomorrow :3
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Damn, Zecora looks hot!
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I'm eager to see part 2
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It comes soon ^^
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Welcome =w=-b*
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