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Hey everyone! I just read a backlog of comments received in my absence from dA. Thank you all so much!

In case anyone was curious (and in case I've neglected to mention it), I'm really active on my tumblr now. At the moment, I mostly post Dangan Ronpa and Mass Effect stuff, with a smattering of original characters (maybe more in the future). 

I always think to myself that I'd like to maintain a presence on all of the sites I'm a part of, but it goes against all the core tenets of my Chronic Internet Lurker Syndrome. 

I could say I'll try, but that tends to not amount to much. 8,) I guess I'm impressed enough that I've managed to hold onto this account for the last 10 years!

That being said, I WILL try!

If you're reading this, thanks so much for supporting me all these years! 

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