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Hazard - Dice Game Demo

By DrakonLady
This is just a simple (as simple as hazard gets) dice game built in flash. It doesn't have fancy graphics, scores or anything interesting, but it does let you play the game hazard without having to remember all the crazy rules.

The conditions for winning and losing are shown at all times, and update themselves as the game progresses. Once you win or loose, click on the status box to return to the main menu.

I made this tech demo for a larger game pitch, but hey, I think it's kind of cool.
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So the losing throws (eg 2, 3, 11 and or 12) remain the same as for the main even when throwing for the chance? Some descriptions of the game say that once a chance is rolled the only numbers that matter are the chance that has to be thrown before the main but here there are still other losing throws. Thank you!
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Good way to learn the game
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a nifty little game u got thAr
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