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Beach Babe Milotic

By Drako1997
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What better way to cheer up in this cold, cold winter-tiem than with a really warm and summery picture? WITH BOOBS?? I am a dummy! 

…I enjoy drawing these Poke-ladies so goddamn much I’m seriously considering switching my specialization solely to them

FYI, I have a really busy week ahead of me so I doubt I'll be able to publish anything new before Christmas vacation starts on Saturday, and even if I get something done it'll most likely be a commission. I know I had a break a very little time ago, but I can't help it... :/

Bikiniless version on my tumblr or FA
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anyone else got hard?

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#350 MiloticBikini Milotic used attract!
#025 Pikachu  Pikachu fell in love!
(I know he can't learn it anyway)
#025 PikachuPikachu used milk drink! 
I am pervy perv 
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I love it (from tip to tail, shiny eyes included) 
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*massive nosebleed*
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Is she a water type?

'Cause I think she likes being wet *haha* Sorry ^^
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Water type's being wet, what and original joke! Hi! 
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*looks at her*
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i most catch her
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i have a plan ^.^
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I thought you'd say "a very particular set of skills" :P
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Get your mind out of the gutter im not that perverted
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Not catching the reference eh? OK whatever forget it
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I have SEVERAL questions...
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What's with your non-mammal mammary obsession? I'm a biology buff, and NNM's annoy me.
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...I have literally no idea what you just said : D English isn't my first or even second language so...
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