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First week is almost over, and to be fair I don't think it was that great.

For the amount of fans ZXG has and the amount of people constantly looking at our posts, it is quite sad that only 78 people (for which most of the donations did not come from our facebook followers) out of the 1.5k have contributed so far on the kickstarter. 

I understand that people are wary because of Mighty No.9. But unlike mn9, FS is not a megaman clone. There is a difference between a Megaman reference and a clone. Furthermore, just because a developer failed to deliver, that doesn't mean another one will. In fact, it just means that we will try to succeed and reestablish the trust on crowdfunded games.

Also I understand that people might not have money right now, but if that is false, then we will face the reality of not being funded. 

With this in mind, and depending on how the kickstarter finishes, TE might have to re-budget time and effort between the 2 projects. Now everything and anything is possible.

It is not hard to help,whether people decide to donate or as long as people spread the word about the kickstarter, just talk about it to everyone (your neighbor, your dog) we have spread the word as much as we can, but a helping hand is always needed!
Well, as most of you guys already know, today at 4 pm EST the kickstarter for FictionSphere will start. With that in mind I must announce that I finally set my mind on something I want to do. 

    On a personal level, I want FictionSphere to succeed, not only in regards to the KickStarter coming thru but also as a game. I want to make something enjoyable for everyone. Something that can soothe anyone's mind after a though day or some kind of hardship. I'm trying to improve myself every day in sprite work and even in small aspects of coding.

    Of course I don't have as much "experience" in game making, with ZXG being the only real input I've ever received. However, I do believe that most AAA developers today and professionals lack a passion for creative innovation. This innovation is not defined as making a game solely around 1 mechanic, but a game in which new mechanics collaborate accordingly to improve the gameplay flow. 

    On a final note, I would be very grateful to those who donate to the kickstarter. Even after the famous crash of the supposed "Megaman Succesor" I know it is hard to trust kickstarted games but hopefully this campaign changes your opinion. 

Some people who had actually helped me become the spriter I am now:

:iconunluckymorpheus: :iconrobertoakes: :iconcopyzero97111: :icongamefan553: :iconmiddytheknight: :icononecallgat: :iconeternalretribution: :iconblakeandalex12: :iconrhlpixels:

and many others from and other sites.
Hey everyone

2016 has been an "Interesting" Year, we're happy to be able to have come this far with all your support and deliver 3 alpha tests! Tomorrow we're going to be holding a Live Stream on twitch , the developers themselves will take you back in time and play through each alpha tests in a short stream! Be sure to come and check it out, we'll begin the event at 5-PM EST.
    Si ven algun bug en ZXG favor de reportarlo a la pagina de facebook con un screenshot sobre el bug. No toma mas de 5 minutos y nos ayuda con la produccion del fangame. Por favor no se quejen sobre bugs SI es que no lo reportan. 

    If anyone sees any bug in ZXG please report it to the facebook page along with a screenshot of the bug. It does not take more than 5 minutes and it helps us producing the fangame. Please do not complain about bugs IF you don't report them.

Learn from your mistakes to seek improvement.…

Hopefully you guys will like it.

Plz halp.
If you like pixels and want to improve in it

She knows what to do and when to do it.

Stop stealing shit from us. 
1. More sprites
2. More ZXG stuff
3. Drawings (yes I can draw now [i"ll post some in the future])
4. Small requests (idk about this 1)
5. shitposting

Pick and comment if you actually see the journal, because I know half of my watchers never see this type of shit. 
We have some surprises coming up for Project ZXG.

Stay tuned...
My thoughts can be reduced to just one word: 

KHE? :| (Blank Stare) 

First of all, I don't have a problem with 3d graphics but the recent trailed showed me effects that look like they belong from Megaman X7, X7!!! As if all they did was to rip them out and put them on this game.

Now, in terms of game mechanics Delay no.9 has showed me a "nova strike" that works as the regular dashing in order to kill enemies. But why? why do you have to require that to kill a boss? and why do you have to make the dash look so bad?

As much as I want to like the project, the visuals and game mechanics keep bugging me. In addition, most of the people that still support it can't actually give a proper reason other than "its because Inafune made it"

Hopefully, this project proves me wrong when it releases, that is if it ever happens. 

Follow the youtube channel and the facebook page.
Have a look at the new update: 
Both animations are (WIP)!poll-p…
Yeah, background artists are not easy to find and I feel we had given a heavy workload to one of our members that is already helping us with artwork. 

So with that in mind i'm politely searching for a BACKGROUND ARTIST that would like to collaborate on ZXG and future projects.

One of the videos of Project Genesis.

If you help me find a background artist i'll give you a cookie cookie :3 

If you are the skilled background artist add me on skype and i'll talk to you more in depth about the project: crawdawnt79 or find me as
Meh skype: crawdawnt79 

Ps: If you're unable to find meh just look for:
Why do people want to block me without any reason at all?
At least explain why are you blocking me? before doing so. 
More when i never hurt your feelings or did anything wrong to you.

Its 3 people who have done this now, if there is a group of people that have a problem with me i would like to solve it.
For Project Genesis.
If anyone can refer me to one i will appreciate it.

More details? Contact me via Skype: crawdawnt79