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Dolphin vore 02

A much more close up of the previous picture. Notice the dolphin's eyes closed, which is a nice sign of enjoyment while doing this. }:)
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Haha, glad you think so. If you go in Miami Seaquarium, you may be able to do the video yourself even ! ;)
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what does it feel like in there?
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WET and sticky ! }XD
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Well, at least it feels good for the dolphin, otherwise he will not let us do it };)
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did it feel good to u, did u like the way the throat felt
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Oh yes, definitely ! *grins* I also did that with orca too }:P
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How did the orca's tongue feel?
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Feels wet and nice actually. A bit goo-y too though. };)
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I just to wanted comment on your signature that that is the correct way to spell Asperger's :D I should know. Anyways that's the first time I ever seen a picture of someone sticking their arm in a dolphins mouth on purpose. :P lol
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thanks and same here, i want to rub an orca's tongue
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why would someone do that on porpoise? get it porpoise.
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*chuckles* Because the porpoise like it ! }:D
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I believe that's a porpoise there.
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Super-old comment, but no, it's a Pacific white-sided dolphin.
Yes, but it's a HAPPY porpoise. It now has a purpose! A Happy purpose porpoise.
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Lags are so silly.
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Dolphin want mwoar fishies NowZ! XD
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