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New MLP Logo

By Drakizora
idk i like the old one better

:iconmadewithinkscape1plz::iconmadewithinkscape2plz::iconmadewithinkscape3plz::iconmadewithinkscape4plz: :iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz:
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Ok gonna be honest this logo is like ok for me but when did they change it? (I was under the rock long story)
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Sweet picture. Question: Is it okay with you if I borrow this image for a special request, please? With you permission and promise to give you credit after the picture is done, okay? 

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What Year Is The New Logo? ¬.¬
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Why do you think this was changed this way?
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I happen to notice, & maybe it's just the dark purple & teal colors but it reminds of Starlight Glimmer, could it be mean something? or I'm just reading too deep in a coincidence?
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Well...if it *is* only a coincidence, it has got to be one of the most uncanny in all fandom...!

Personally, I prefer the old logo, partly because I'm a stubborn old fart who simply doesn't like change, but also because the old logo has so many fond & happy memories associated with it for me...
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I kind of like like the new one if only because it feels more "gender neutral" to kind of match the idea that FIM isn't just for girls so it's not heavy on the Pink side. Plus it's not at as garish and more easy on the eyes.
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It is very rare when a series takes its traditional logo and modifies it if it is not a spin off or something, this new logo has a look at Equestria Girls
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It sort of does, now that you mention it...  Speaking of which, I sure hope Hasbro doesn't decide to phase out MLP:FIM in favour of EG in another year or 2...
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I'm neutral on both, I like this one better but the old one has that 'it's grown on us' type of feeling.

Hopefully the new logo will have that same feeling.
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Well I like the new one better!
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