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Why did she have the title of princess? It sounds extremely non-dragon. You have the Dragon Lord and the Princess, what the heck. She wore that armor for so long that at the end I had forgotten that the rest of her body wasn't gold and it generally surprised me. Dragons are great tho but I feel like her muzzle was too long for my taste.

tsundere episode overload tho
"its like i wanna be ur friend, b-baka!"

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Used here and credited Wheel of Fortune Fan Art by theawesomeguy98201
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Hey mate, size doesn't matter, she may be small, but she's got teeth.
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Try and draw something.
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I love this character! I want to learn more about her!
I wonder why they only had young/small Dragons fighting for the title of Dragon Lord when we have CLEARLY seen much bigger Dragons running around out there.

I'm also curious as to why they wore armor when Dragon scales are generally considered so tough? Is it because they're younger, or is it that MLP Dragons really aren't that physically tough?
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That's funny. I thought exactly the same thing about her golden armor. In the end, I was all like: "Oh, right! She's actually blue."
Oh, and I really like how those downward-pointing demon horns are at the same time substitutes for her non-existent pigtail hail. Tsundere indeed!
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Not as tsundere as Limestone, but a close second.
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The follwoing base looks rather similar to what you've done, might want to make sure they didn't just pixelate your vector and called it a base of theirs:…
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so very awesome :D
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Already in love with her voice and design, it's nice to see some more dragons. ^^
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she look like she boutta bitch slap you
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She was based off Cynder from Spyro.
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lol I thought that too
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