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Yeah! I'm doing any sort of art commission. Ponies are my specialty, but I can do anything!

Here are the base prices: 

$5: Sketch

You can get anything specific you like, like some of these. What qualifies as a sketch? Anything with light detail and no linework/fills. You can choose it to be clean, like Galawaille (4th), or with light colors, like Pixel3000Nerd (3rd), or shaded, like rainbow dash (2nd) or a special request (1st).
This is per character.
   Soup Store by drakinite     Soup Store Sketch Only by drakinite    Pixel3000nerd Mememe by drakinite    Galawaille by drakinite Derpy Go Ponyville by drakinite

$20: Lined and colored, basic shading

*psst* this is a great deal - Here are some examples of what you can expect. The two on the right (Red Card and Tridashie) are two commissions I made with this specification.
Each additional character is $10.
       Without Text by drakinite    Red Card Commission by drakinite    Tridashie - Transparent by drakinite Kgorringe-bg-signed by drakinite

$50: Full painting with background

You can expect a fully shaded digital painting with a background. Ricehat/Shogundun (2nd) was my most recent. I tend to either blend multiple styles, or paint everything with one/two brushes. The choice is up to you!
Each additional character is $10-15.

   TheTaze by drakinite    Epic Ricehat by drakinite

Again, these groupings apply to any kind of painting, even though I have only shown ponies. I can draw anything else you want (humans, anthro ponies, or something completely unrelated), but be warned that it might not be as good.

Yes, I will draw NSFW if you want. Those will be special requests, and I will charge twice for explicit content, no exceptions.

Want something specific that isn't listed, or have a special request (e.g. want to keep it for yourself / me to not upload it)? Message me and we can work something out!


1. Message me with the request, and we set a price.
2a. If it's a sketch commission, I am paid upfront.
2b. If it's above a sketch commission, I make a quick sketch of what the drawing will look like. If it's a sketch commission, I will finish it and send it over as soon as I can!
3. If you like the sketch, you pay me half first.
4. I finish the commission.
5. I send a smaller, watermarked version over for you to see the final product.
6. You pay me the rest of the commission.
7. I send the full, finished piece to you!

The reason I have this laid out so specifically is because I don't want chaos. The reason I prefer this half-and-half method is because it ensures that I get the commission done. If you get paid 100% for something upfront, you won't be very motivated to finish it, will you? :P
This way, it will protect both you, the commissioner, and me, the 

Thank you so much, and I hope you like my art enough to support me for it! <3<#
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