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Soul Eater.



So, here's the final version. I like the marker one, but I couldn't resist having a go in Photoshop too.

The dhar'griul, or soul-eaters as they are known in Common Tongue, are a race of daemon found throughout the Lower Planes that prey upon the immortal essence of any lesser being they can get their claws into, ideally sweetened by their victim's terror. They are aligned to the god of greed and famine. Their hunger is never sated and whilst they enjoy their metaphysical meals, their very favourite flavour is mortal flesh and blood, a rare commodity in the regions they inhabit. As such, if a magic user or dark cleric summons one to the mortal plane, they come quickly and willingly but once here they are all but impossible to control and, if they break free of the summoning spell's control, they will go on the rampage. They're sneaky devils though and, even once they find a weakness in their summoner's supposed control, they will feign compliance, choosing only the most opportune moment to strike...

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